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Review of Beautiful Lies by Gina Whitney


Lust, Love, and Letting Go

Cameron Sterling has sworn off women. Enigmatic and moody, all he cares about is his career…until he meets Lilly Amsel. A honey-haired fashion model with a killer body, she knocks him right off the fast track. Their undeniable physical attraction is white hot, their desire for one another an unstoppable force of nature.

They unleash years of pent-up carnal frustration on one another, leading to some mind-blowing sex. It also brings something unexpected into their lives: love with no limitations. But can their relationship survive their past demons? Cam has been alone for so long, he’s forgotten how to open his heart. Lilly keeps memories of her abusive childhood at bay with an addiction to prescription meds.

And then there’s the big problem: Lilly is already involved with a wealthy, powerful older man who controls her emotionally and financially and has no desire to share her. When he finds out about her trysts with another man, he deploys his thugs, sending Cam and Lilly on the run, fighting for their lives—and their love.

My Review written by Natalie Idrogo


Cameron Sterling is not only a lawyer, but one sexy man, made of the most beautiful flesh and blood there is.

Lilly Amsel is a gorgeous model and has come from a very harsh past that NO one deserves. Lilly wants more out of life, but seems to be stuck in an endless barrage of evil men.

Sig Krok, is a very successful businessman in the fashion industry. This man is also very ugly, very nasty and has all of his sick little secrets locked away in dirty little closet. Sig is a very repulsive and abusive human being.

Cam's mission in life has been to make partner in the law firm he works for. This firm isn't exactly on the up and up, but Cam will do what he needs to do to reach his goal. It just so happens that his boss involves him with Sig Krok's case. Working this case will surely push him to the top. Little does Cam know while attending the fancy dinner he will set his eyes up on the beautiful Lilly Amsel. He is in awe of her beauty and feels an instantaneous pull to her. The only problem is.... she is the girlfriend of Sig.

These two can not fight this attraction and act upon their deepest desires of passion and hot, hot sex. Once this duo is found out, they are thrown into a world of danger, threats and they must do what they have to..... just to survive!

What Lilly has to endure while with Sig is disgusting. His threats and physical actions made me want to see everything he has coming to him times ten! Cam is so strong minded, he goes after the information he needs to hopefully expose Sig for the vile creature that he is.... Will it be enough to take Sig down so that Cam and Lilly can have a beautiful chance at a wonderful life or will it just turn out to be a bunch of BEAUTIFUL LIES?

I was taken on a fun and sexy thrill ride!! This book had all of the ins and outs of a good movie that seriously needs to be a movie! Gina Whitney's description of these two characters is strong and very vivid. You fall for Cam in an instant heartbeat. This is a must read..... It will leave you breathless.... longing for more and most of all in need of a happy ending for these two beautiful souls.

~About the Author~

Gina Whitney is the author of six novels, Blood Ties, Beautiful Lies, Saving Abel, Forgiving Gia, Avenging Us, and Luca. In December 2015, she partnered with Leddy Harper to release The Power of a Woman. She is known for her themes of erotica wrapped around soul-searing passion that bring her readers into the story with a range of emotions. 

Gina resides in Massapequa, NY with her two beautiful boys. You can usually find her typing furiously while shouting obscenities over her latest WIP or reading a book that sends her heart racing. She's pathologically obsessed with anything to do with royals, Games of Thrones, Billions, Vampire Diaries, Homeland, SOA, The Vikings and The Originals. If you'd like to chat, hit her up on
Facebook or Twitter.  Gina Whitney's Fb page


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