Monday, June 16, 2014

The Lia Fail Chronicles - A Kiss (Lia Fail Short Story 1.3) - Cover Reveal

A Kiss Cover

The Lia Fail Short Stories

A Kiss (Lia Fail Short Story 1.3)

The next story in the Lia Fail Chronicles is coming.

Look for it to be available by June 19, 2014.


Winter has given way to Spring in the hamlet of Lia Fail, and with the season comes rebirth and new love. We continue to learn more about the Fahey and Mercer families as well as how the magic of the New World is growing.

In addition, Molly Creegan has always been a dedicated soldier, but now new feelings are awakening inside her. Her courage on the field of battle has never been in question, but is she brave enough to offer up her heart with… A Kiss.

For more information, please see S.L. Dearing's website:

Cover artist Rene Folsom at Phycel Designs


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