Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review of Random Acts of Trust by Julia Kent


Giving up is hard...but giving in is even harder.
When did my life become a demented episode from The Mindy Project?
Moving to Boston to begin grad school meant I was supposed to start a new life--not dig through a past I thought I'd left behind four years ago. But when I saw the poster for Random Acts of Crazy, all I could think about was the drummer, Sam Hinton, the boy I'd loved in high school and who disappeared with my heart.
Who knew I'd become the living version of Magic Mike?
Seeing Amy Smithson at my gig and watching her win a kiss from my bandmate, Liam, was a gut punch. Four years ago we squared off in a high school debate that had higher stakes than we ever imagined, and here I was...wanting what I'd walked away from. Are there too many secrets between us to allow her to trust me again?
And can I trust myself?

Tonya's Review:

This was an Okay read. I liked the first one better. Random Acts of Trust wasn't as funny as Random Acts of Crazy and I felt the story moved slow during some parts. There was a part that I thought was just way out there. The Characters are likeable, the storyline has potential. There was a lot of build up for the "big secret". Sam has been keeping the truth from Amy for 4.5 years, when it finally came out, I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. I did think Amy would have been more upset about what had happened to him, then she actually was though.
Not a bad read, just wasn't really for me.  


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