Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crushed by Gina Robinson



Some loves can't be… Crushed

Have you ever done something stupid? Like get drunk and hookup with a guy because your heart was broken by someone else? Like his best friend. And then done something really dumb, like fall in love with your hookup? Hookups aren't stick-around guys. I'm hoping Dakota will be different. But hoping has gotten me in trouble before.

The absolute last girl I want to see in my court-ordered alcohol and drug information school, the girl who landed me here in the first place, walks in. After we hooked up, I thought I'd gotten Morgan out of my system. So why is my pulse racing? I can't afford to screw up right now. I know I should avoid her. Morgan has a way of messing up my life. But she's the only one who understands.

Tonya's Review:  4Stars

This book can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend that you read Rushed, book 1, before reading this. You will understand more about the characters. And see what happened before this story, with them, and everything they went through.

I really did not like Morgan at all in Rushed. Crushed showed a whole different side of her. She isn't the bitch she was in the first book, she was actually funny and nice. She is dealing with a lot. There was a part of the book, that I started to tear up because of what happened. (Not going to post what it is. I don't like posting spoilers)

Dakota, hmm, I did like him in the first book and after reading this one, I like him even more.

The stinger has me curious :)




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