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Title: Persauding Tomorrow
Author: J. Lasile
Genre: Youth Adult
Release Date: September 4th, 2014




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When the unimaginable happens and Jordan loses her best friend on the night she had planned to
tell him her feelings, it leaves her to wonder if she’s the guilty party, but her memories of that night are fuzzy. In an
attempt to leave her past and the hateful stares of her peers behind, she moves across the country to live with her mother
in Esterwilde, Pennsylvania. It’s a small close-knit town, but there no one should know about her past, or so she thought.

When Zyler runs into the new girl in town he can’t help but feel a connection, but he also knows her past harbors a horrible
secret. He’s heard the rumors, but doesn’t believe them. Seeing Jordan in pain kills him and all he wants to do is take it

Jordan soon realizes that no matter what she does she’s not going to be able to outrun her past. Can Zyler show her
that despite the hate and ignorance in the world that life is still worth living? Will she ever figure out the truth
about the night that took away her best friend?






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About J. Lasile:


AuthorPic01 J. Laslie lives in Louisville, KY with her wonderful husband, two kids, four dogs, and mother-in-law. She runs Sweet Yet
Naughty Book Blog and is also an event coordinator for the Louisville Authors Event. She has always been an avid reader and
now wants to try her hand at writing.

In her spare time she loves to do digital scrapbooking, hanging out with her BFF Heather, or reading a good book.
Her favorite genres to read are Young Adult and Young Adult Dystopian. Though she loves a good romance novel too.


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