Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blog Tour for Lost by Sarah Ann Walker

Title: Lost
Author: Sarah Ann Walker
Genre: Adult, Dark Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2014

Cover Designer: James Freeburg
My name is Sophie Morley, and this is my story of loss. 

I used to be mature, professional, and stable. I used to have friends and colleagues who respected me. I used to be someone I respected. I knew the life I wanted, and I lived within my forever plans. I was everything I thought I should be. 
Then I met the man of my dreams, and everything changed in me. Everything I was and everything I was to become changed with his love. And I've never regretted one single moment of the life we shared. 

My name is Sophie Morley, 
and I am lost.

I met Peter in Sunshine and Life.
 I met Peter, and I saw the life I wanted.  I saw the man I wanted and the life I dreamed of.  I couldn't understand why, but I looked at a total stranger and everything stopped for me in that one moment of time.
 Much later, when I would question our first meeting Peter would say it was his aura and our connection that changed me.  Sometimes he said fate or kismet played a hand in our lives crossing paths.  He had endless answers as to why I felt the initial strangeness when we met, but I've never known if his explanations were true.
 Thinking back I would love to remember something meaningful happening or something dramatic occurring in those first moments I saw him, but there wasn't.
I had never known that inst-love crap people talk about, and honestly that isn't what happened.  I didn't look at Peter and love him- I looked at Peter and I felt unsure of myself for the first time in my life.
Peter really was nothing special, but everything amazing to me as I watched him sleep.
 So on impulse, I climbed up the bed slowly and quietly, and laid myself against his body.  Lying on him, I just listened to him breathe for a moment before lifting to leave him.  Yet as I tried to move away his arm snaked out of the sheet and he pulled me back down on him.
 "I didn't mean to wake you," I whispered.
 "Stay... I love you lying on me.  And I'm strong enough to hold you up when you need to be held, Sophie," he whispered back as I immediately choked up.
After a few silent moments, I heard myself suddenly say, "You're going to fall in love with me," as I froze against him.
 "I know," he whispered back.
And that was it.  He said nothing further, and I couldn't speak.
 Created by: Michelle Ryan
Created by: Michelle Ryan
Sarah Ann Walker is a Scottish Canadian who was raised in Canada, where she attended McMaster University as an English major.  In 2002 Sarah met and married her American husband and they chose to remain in Canada together where they raise their son.

In the summer of 2012, during a manic two week period Sarah was transformed into the main character of 'I am HER...' released November 2012.  The sequel 'THIS is me...' followed in November 2013.  In May 2014 Sarah released the dark 'My Dear Stranger', followed by LOST in November 2014.

Sarah can be found on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.


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