Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Release Day Blitz for Immortal Rising by Magen McMinimy

Released: 12.23.14
Title: ImmortAl Rising
Series: Immortal Heart
Author: Magen McMinimy

When the Fates meddle, everything changes… All the things the warriors had come to accept, what they thought they knew, will be tested.
Death and loss have formed the man that Cree has become. One wrong move—one misstep in battle—and the love that once heated his soul was taken from him. While trying to find solace in his remaining family, he is haunted by dreams of a future he can’t reconcile. Awoken from one of those dreams, Cree finds himself wandering the Light Fae castle, when a familiar form appears in the silent halls of his home—nothing will ever be the same.
Confused, with no memory of herself or her life before the time she spent in the Immortal Three’s domain, Rowan is back among her people and struggling to unlock the memories that are just beyond her reach.
Pain and joy battle within the walls of the warriors home as they try to jog Rowan’s memory, while keeping her return a secret from everyone outside their inner circle. Meanwhile, Esperanza, now queen of the Dark Fae, schemes to take down the Fae she once called family with a secret weapon of her own.
Come get lost in love, longing, betrayal and passion in the final installment of the Immortal Heart series.

5 Stars

What a great ending to this series.  I love each and every character in it.  Well, with the exception of Esperanza and Darion, I really dislike them.  But I love what happened to them!  To me, this book is bittersweet, I love the nding, but at the same time, I'm sad to see it end.This book does pick up right where the previous ended.  Rowan is back.  But all of her memories are gone.  Will she ever get them back?  Or will she just have to start over and make new ones?  Will she ever remember Cree, and love him like she did?Will Kat tell Kale her secret?  And how will he react?Will Bain stop being "slow" and marry Izzy?All these questions, and more will be answered in Immortal Rising.  You won't be disappointed either.
Magen has a way of making you feel like you are part of their family, and right there with them.
While I am sad this is the end, for now (wishful thinking on my part).  She did leave it open for the next generation of warriors.  Hopefully someday, we will get their story...PLEASE!

5 Stars

Here it is… the final installment of the Immortal Heart Series – Immortal Rising. I have been a huge fan of the Immortal Heart series for quite some time, and although I hate to see it end, I’m thrilled with how it does. With most series that have incredible characters and amazing story arcs, I hoped that the final book would surpass all the others. I was not disappointed. McMinimy has given us the best book in the IH series with Immortal Rising. There are true moments of heartache, true love, loss, forgiveness, and revenge… all wrapped up in a beautiful package. The series has had it all. A paranormal romance, with adventure and intrigue.Rising brings us back to the beginning before ending in the most bittersweet farewell. I cried, I laughed… there were moments that made my stomach drop and my heart leap.I once compared Magen McMinimy to Kresley Cole, but I have to amend that… I think she’s better than Kresley Cole. Her Immortal Heart Series is a fresh and innovative world in paranormal romance. She has created characters that you wish you knew and could just be a part of. For those of us who love this series, we are shattered that it’s ending, but I applaud an author who knows when it should end. Sometimes they go on too long, but with Immortal Rising it is the perfect ending.Do yourself a favor and read this book… and if you have not yet read the series, start today… you won’t regret it. It is Amazing.

I have read this entire series and loved it. This being the best I think because it was the most emotional for me. 

Awesome final book to this series. It concluded very well. I am hoping for more to come maybe the next generation, but I am happy with how it ended. I was in tears reading this, I won't say which part because you need to read to find out. As I've said before in my reviews of the other books in this series I LOVE this series, the writing, the plots, and the characters.All of it. I am going to miss these warriors I believe I am going to have to reread whenever I feel the need for them. :)  


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