Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review of Hot for Love by Sharon Cummin


Josh was a sexy firefighter and restaurant owner. He was happy and content with his wealthy bachelor life. Gorgeous women surrounded him, and he loved every minute of it. His life was perfect.

Lisa was a shy stewardess, who enjoyed seeing the world. A relationship was the furthest thing from her mind.

Josh was on a date, when he was called to the station for a large apartment fire. He had no idea that his life was about to change.

When Lisa was suddenly thrown into Josh's life, could she hide her past feelings for him, or would she turn his world upside down?

Hot for Love is a complete, stand-alone novel. 

Sea of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #1) is also available.

Battle for Love (Bachelor Billionaire #3) will be available in November.

3.5 stars

Josh is a scorching hot fireman, who also owns a handful of restaurants. He believes in love, just doesn't want it for himself.  He doesn't want to experience loosing the one he loves, like his mom did when his dad died.  

Lisa is a flight attendant.  She loves her job.  She doesn't believe in love, at all, because of her parents.  She has had a crush on Josh since she was a little girl and would watch him from her best friends porch for hours.

There is a fire, a bad one, at her apartment and she gets stuck in it, only to be rescued by Josh.  He helps take care of her while her ankle is healing.  Will what they want and believe in, change?

While I did enjoy this book more than the first, I did find it predictable.  There were also words missing, just like with the first book.  It was easy to figure out and keep reading though.  

I did like Lisa and Josh a lot.  I want to read Ethan's story though.  

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