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Tuesday Takeover Spotlight B.E. McLaughlin

Tuesday Takeover Spotlight: B.E. McLaughlin

*´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) B.E. McLaughlin*´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

About B.E.:

Brittany is a full time student getting her degree in International Studies while looking to graduate with her BA in the spring of 2016. She hopes to put her writing heart out in the open for the public to enjoy, and continue her passion for people  and creation in the near future. With her International Studies Degree, it brings her abroad for the spring semester, but normally she resides in the quiet Appalacian Mountains.
Languish, her first published novel, comes to shelves in January 2015. An idea catching from questioning how far a family would go to recover a lost child. Languish is a mystery thriller that is sure to captivate and enthrall anyone who openes their hearts to the mourning of chandra and Aria Clef.
Mother to a plethora of fish, an overweight pup and a rambunctious kitten named Frodo, she has her hands full writing and keeping them busy.

Q &A:

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

My debut novel, Languish, is a mystery thriller novel that came to me while questioning what a family would do when a child is taken from their grasp. I truly wished to understand the human psyche, and delve into the psychological side of how Chandra would feel knowing that he young daughter was gone. As a novel named Languish, it isn’t exactly a light read. It’s a story that will make you question everything you know, and take a closer grasp onto your children. It’s real life, and real life isn’t always easy.

Who designs your covers?

For Languish I designed the cover myself. Lots of photoshop, and some pretty brushes. I already had the idea for what the cover would look like, and I just made sure that all of the pieces within the cover could be used and BAM, I made it myself. For the trilogy I am currently writing, I will be using Jay Aheer, she is amazing, and you should all check her out. She has good prices and professional looking covers that stand out.
Do you have any advice for other writers?

Don’t stop writing, and always get an editor! Accidental grammatical errors can ruin a story for someone, and it would hurt me if someone loved the story, but couldn’t get past the way I incorrectly used a comma, or a semi-colon. Not to mention the new eyes on the prose could really step your characters, plot, arcs and SOOOOO many other things.

As for don’t stop writing, this should be obvious. I know how hard it is, and everyone has their down days. If you are feeling like no one will read your book, and that you suck, just keep writing. Tell your characters story. If anything, they deserve it. Don’t start a book and leave it hanging. Book Blue Balls, is awful, and I wish it upon no character.


Do you have any writing rituals or certain things you do to aid your writing process?

I love having someone keep me accountable for my writing. Recently, I have been sprinting. What sprinting is, it is when you and at least one other person pick an amount of time you will write for, say your starting word count, and when you are both ready you go! And you keep writing, and writing, and writing. You don’t stop for errors, unless it makes the prose unreadable, you try to not get distracted, and you only stop when the time has come to an end. Then, you share how many words you wrote in that time. The competition, and needing to show some form of progress to someone keeps me from getting on facebook and getting distracted.
Favorite snack and thing to drink while you write?

My favorite thing to drink is probably a rum and coke, but, I don’t drink many of those because it makes my writing a biiiiiiit hard to read. (Mostly incomplete thoughts and incoherent ramblings. Drunk writing=bad) But I love tea, and gummy candies, if it keeps me warm, I am happy.

This or That:

eBook or print? Ohhhhh, print 100% 
Junk food or sweets? Sweets, probably that is what my belly is telling me now.
Dogs or cats? Dogs some dogs act like cat, so I'm cool with dogs.
Tea or coffee? I drink more tea, but I love coffee.
Dark or light colors? Dark. Gem tones match my skin, so it's usually darker.
Angels or demons? Angels, then when they are naughty it is so much better ; ).
Paranormal romance or historical romance? Paranormal, but I'm not a huge fan of romance - gasp.
Boxers or Briefs? Boxer briefs ;P that is totally an answer, I swear..
Control Freak or Careless Jerk? Control freak. Possibly a writer thing.

Top Five:
Authors I reccomend (in no particular order):

Joyce Carol Oates – Wanted to put her twice, but kept myself from doing it.
Margaret Attwood – Brilliant, amazing Canadian Author.Gillian Flynn – Gone girl? Sharp Objects?Stephen King – Need I say more?Thomas King – Canadian Aboriginal Author, oh dear, he’s so clever with his writing.
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