Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review: Gray’s Skye by Vanessa Noble

After a devastating divorce Lucy, a young adult novelist, escapes to Scotland to recover. What she finds instead is a gorgeous neighbor who makes her question her future. Gray is a teacher who has lived on Skye his entire life. The two start a friendship but Gray wants more. How can he make her see it is worth giving him a chance?

               Gray’s Skye by Vanessa Noble primarily takes place in Scotland were Lucy Cutter has decided to move to find herself. Leaving the comforts of her Chicago life and family Lucy treks halfway around the world to work on her novel and figuring out the rest of her life. Her life had once been all about Alex, her high school sweet heart and now ex-husband due to Lucy finding out the he had cheated on her with her friend and neighbor. This was going to be her time, find the woman deep inside she was meant to be. While living in Scotland she befriends her handsome new neighbor, Gray. The two become fast friends but take their time before becoming romantically involved. With a deadline to return to the states looming over her, Lucy stress to figure out does stick to her original plan or follow her heart and see where it will lead her.

             This story is a sweet romance. I enjoyed that the couple took their time to become friends and build a foundation before falling into a hot romance. The couple are both extremely family oriented and keep their family morals as there compass. It was great that they didn’t jump into bed quickly and then figure out if they truly were in love. As much as I enjoyed the story and the characters there were a few flaws in this book to contend with. One had to do with the location. None of the characters that lived in Scotland spoke in dialect nor was there much about the scenery. Lucy traveled around Scotland with her family and Gray yet we, the reader, didn’t get much of the experience. There was one spot where we got to see the fairy pools and I would have loved to have seen more of Lucy’s surroundings being that she was from the states and this was a foreign land. The book was on the wordy side; fortunately I was involved with the characters and wanted to know more.

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