Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Takeover Spotlight: Rebecca Fisher

Rebecca Fisher was born and raised in Los Angeles California, the second of four children.  Growing up with the influence of a long line of teachers with a passion for classical education, her time was filled with lessons in violin, cello, piano, ballet...and not-so-classical Girl Scouts and softball.  At the age of twelve, she traveled throughout Europe with her Grandmother and aunts, who filled her days with the shared reading of classics such as Jane Eyre and Sherlock Homes, developing her love of literature early on. 
At twenty years old and after many bizarre twists and turns, Rebecca found herself working in (and living in) a funeral home while raising her daughter.  The mysterious underbelly of mortuary life became common place as she took on the daily, sometimes strange tasks of the business.  Her experiences were tragic, comedic, morbid and altogether life-changing.  When she began writing her character Casey - and exploring her struggles with raising her daughter alone - she knew right away where Casey’s chaotic life would crash land, bringing her clarity and a new perspective on life.  
Her first novel, All the Wrong Places, chronicles many of her experiences living in a mortuary in Northern California; enduring a hostile and at times life-threatening marriage, divorce and custody battle; and raising her daughter alone. 
Working three part-time jobs and struggling to balance life as a single-mom, she pursued her love of literature into college, earning a Bachelor’s of English from Cal State Northridge.  She has since gone on to earn an M.S. in Education from National University, and is currently working to complete an M.A. in English from the same.
On her journey she met and married the love of her life and began her career as a high school English teacher.  
She resides in Valencia, CA, with her husband and two daughters

Top 5 must read books

Anything Tana French

Pride & Prejudice


Sherlock Holmes  - all of them

Anything John Green

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