Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cover Reveal: 17 Marigold Lane by R.M. Gilmore

New from RM Gilmore, creator of the bestselling Dylan Hart series.
17 Marigold Lane (a Prudence Penderhaus novel)
Prudence Penderhaus was just an ordinary weirdo until the day one word changed the course of her life forever.
Giving up on life, a risky move turns her world upside down and uncovers an odd boy no one knew existed. 
Trying to cope with her life at it stands, Prudence juggles her own emotions as she peels back layers of small-town secrecy that have been hiding right under her nose.
With a newfound purpose, she and her odd boy turn the town of Flintlock on its butt in the pursuit of truth. Uncovering more than she bargained for. Murder.
"My name is Prudence Penderhaus. I've never done anything remarkable. Never even bothered to look up. Until the day I realized I was dying."

Book Cover
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This quirky Young Adult brings forth a character not unlike many of us.
Too awkward, too reclusive, too damn tall, and too damn red headed to skate through life.
Too scared to live it.
Until the day death changed all that.

RM Gilmore  
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