Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review: In the Context of Love by Linda Sienkiewicz

Is it ever too late to leave your past and the secrets that haunt you behind?
Angelica Schirrick wonders how her life could have gotten so far off-track. With her two children in tow, she leaves her felon husband and begins a journey of self-discovery that leads her back home to Ohio. It pains her to remember the promise her future once held, that time before the disappearance of her first love, and the shattering revelation that derailed her life and divided her parents. Only when she finally learns to accept the violence of her beginning can she be open to life again, and maybe to a second chance at love.

Loved this story about how bad things can happen, but life goes on and good things can still occur. This story has a lot of different elements from teen love, violence, low self-worth (that gets better), and love that spans over time.  Even though this story spans over quite a few years, it was well put together and flowed nicely. I loved that though they hadn't seen each other in years they never lost that love and chemistry. I am really hoping there is a continuation of this story. I need to know how the lives of these people, not just Joe and Angelica, but everyone turns out.

IN THE CONTEXT OF LOVE is published by Buddhapuss Ink LLC and available on Amazon in the US at   and in the UK at

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Author Bio:

Linda K Sienkiewicz, author of In the Context of Love, attributes her creative drive to her artistic mother, who taught her to sew, and her father, who let her monkey around with the gadgets in his workshop. A scholarship art student, she worked in graphics before raising a family. 
Years later, she returned to her other passion, writing. Her poetry, short stories and art have been published in more than fifty literary journals, such as Prairie Schooner, Clackamas Literary Review, Spoon River and Permafrost. She has a poetry chapbook award from Bottom Dog Press and an MFA from The University of Southern Maine. Linda grew up south of Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives in Rochester, MI. 


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