Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Takeover: Spotlight on Author Dariel Raye

Dariel Raye

Dariel is an animal lover who writes IR/MC (interracial/multi-cultural) paranormal and fantasy romance. She is presently writing a shifter series, “Dark Sentinels,” a reluctant hell-dweller series, “Kushiel’s Keep,” two Nephilim series with vampire-like heroes, “Orlosian Warriors” and “Cain’s Progeny,” “Lifegivers,” a paranormal romance series with a variety of beings, and an erotic fantasy newsletter serial. To learn more about Dariel and her books, visit her blog,  join her newsletter, and follow her on Amazon.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I just released “Calm Assurance,” the first book in my new “Orlosian Warriors” series. The series is about a race of vampire-like Nephilim. Also, on Oct. 2nd “Finder Of Lost Love” will be released. It’s part of a unique 12-author game project spearheaded by author Nhys Glover. The anthology includes 12 romances and one mystery connecting the romances and you can pre-order your copy now. Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/p2ft5tcD1oM

Who designs your covers?
I’ve designed most of my covers with the exception of “Dark Sentinels” books one and two. Those were designed by Elise Trissel, graphic designer and daughter of author Beth Trissel.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Read everything you can get your hands on, and support other authors. By helping others, we help ourselves. Authors, particularly indie authors, wear many hats, but you can’t do everything and do it well. Focus on the hats you wear best and hire professionals to help with the others. You’d be surprised at the number of reasonable service providers you can find as long as you’re reasonable with and respectful of them and their time and effort.

Do you have any writing rituals or certain things you do to aid your writing process?
I love to have paranormal TV series or movies playing in the background while I’m writing. For this reason I’m a huge Netflix and Amazon Prime fan. LOL

Favorite snack and thing to drink while you write?
I inherited an addiction to pecans and various nuts from my Dad, so I indulge in those when I can. Otherwise, I eat crushed ice or sip on smoothies or tea.

ebook or print? 

junk food or sweets? 
Is there a difference? LOL Give me spicy junk any day.

dogs or cats? 
Both, but if I must choose, dogs are more loyal and make better running buddies.

tea or coffee? 

dark or light colors? 
Neutral, mostly earth tones and black

angels or demons? 
Why, angels, of course!

paranormal romance or historical romance? 

Boxers or Briefs? 

Control Freak or Careless Jerk – 
Control freak

Book boyfriend/girlfriend 
Gregori from Christine Feehan’s “Carpathian Series”
 Joscelyn from Jacqueline Carey
 Joban from “Dai’s Dark Valentine”
 Torin from “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin”
Asriel from “Calm Assurance” (Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1)

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  1. Lovely interview, Dariel. Great advice you shared. I have found that engaging a professional book cover designer adds such mileage to the overall reaction to the book.

    Congrats on your upcoming story and for the release of Calm Assurance.

    Best wishes always.