Saturday, December 12, 2015

Blog Tour: Bang Bang You Are Dead by Saul Warsaw

About the Book
Title: Bang Bang You Are Dead
Author: Saul Warshaw
Genre: Crime Thriller
When a prominent Los Angeles businessman is targeted with a series of life threatening letters and phone calls, and the Police Department's investigation is going nowhere, the businessman hires Will Jonas, a retired LAPD homicide detective, and now a private investigator. Will's assignment: Find the person or persons threatening the businessman. Will's investigation, however, goes far beyond the letters, as he uncovers hidden family secrets that lead to a deadly final outcome.

Author Bio
After careers as a broadcast journalist and then a public relations counselor, Saul Warshaw, at age 83, now is enjoying his third career—as a writer of mystery thrillers, featuring Will Jonas, a private investigator and former homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police department. Saul and his wife, both native New Yorkers, are long time residents of Los Angeles. 

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