Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cover Reveal: Half Life by Paul H.B. Shin

Half Life
Paul H.B. Shin

Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC 

Genre: Thriller   

Release Date: September 6, 2016

About the Book:

North Korean nuclear scientist Han Chol-Soo is forced to embark on a high-stakes chase in the United States after his wife runs away from him with their newborn son. The year is 1997, and North Korea is suffering from a devastating famine that is unraveling its ruling class, leading to a series of high-profile defections to the West. The reclusive country’s leadership is in the grasp of paranoia.

Han turns to his colleague Park Jun-Young for help, a man that he suspects is a secret agent. He soon regrets his decision as Park cuts a swath of mayhem in the name of helping Han track down his wife before Han’s superiors find out she is missing. The chase forces Han to open his eyes to the harsh realities of his home country, and question whether his loyalty has been misplaced all these years.

Half Life Reviews

“Half Life is a terrific novel. Right from the start you'll be drawn into many dark worlds—politics, espionage, and North Korea—and it will keep you on the edge of your seat right until the last page. Paul H.B. Shin’s authenticity and style cannot be missed.” –Dale Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Starfire (William Morrow)

“A gripping, taut espionage thriller, Half Life is enriched by the love story at its core and the refusal to give simple answers. I loved it.” –Robert Ferrigno, bestselling & award-winning author of Heart of the Assassin (Scribner)

“Paul H. B. Shin wraps an engaging tale of espionage and intrigue around a failed marriage in his new international thriller, Half Life. With sure-footed prose and vivid characterization, Shin takes readers inside the paranoid claustrophobia of North Korea’s political world, where even high-ranking diplomats live in constant fear. With North Korea's nuclear arms program as a backdrop, the eminently believable and thoughtful plot will have readers wondering if they're looking at tomorrow's news. A well-wrought debut.”

–Jim DeFelice, #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of American Sniper (William Morrow)

About the Author:

Paul H.B. Shin’s debut novel follows a career as an award-winning journalist for more than 20 years, most recently for ABC News. He previously wrote for the New York Daily News. He was born in South Korea and lived in London during his childhood. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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