Tuesday, February 2, 2016

RELEASE: Beyond the Shadows (Twins of Aurora, Book 3) by Magen McMinimy

Beyond the Shadows
(Twins of Aurora, Book 3)

  • Print Length: 392 pages
  • Publication Date: February 2, 2016
  • Language: English

Shadows are never far from light. 

With Aurora’s leaders firmly in control, there was no better time for Nick and Jess to venture off and experience college life. However, shadows dwell and darkness finds Aurora once more. 

While back in the human world, enjoying the successful conclusion of their freshman year of college, Nick and Jess head out to celebrate, only to find one of Aurora’s leaders searching them out with news of a dark new world back home. With the fates of the twins and many other loved ones unknown, Nick and Jess head back to Aurora and all the elemental magic that balance it, only to find a world suspended in time with new mythological creatures reaching beyond a veil that was long ago forged to keep those inhabiting Aurora safe and protected. 

On this final epic journey, Nick and Jess must rely on and work together to save their friends and family from what has reached beyond the veil to shadow all they had fought to save only a year ago. 

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   Fear and resignation shone in Jess’s deep green gaze as she looked at him. She should have known better… they would be fine. They would make it through this, and he damn well knew it, thanks to the magic the others were pouring out to keep the snow from crushing them.

   Nick grabbed her face, cupping her cheeks, and dipped his head to press his forehead against hers. Shadows fell over the group, and a chill settled in with the darkness. Nick could feel her breath against his lips as she tried to steady her heart in the dark bubble that surrounded them. Nick couldn’t help himself, his mouth dropped to hers, the soft curve of her full lips calling for him to caress them. 

   Jess didn’t respond at first. She stayed stalk-still beneath the exquisite pressure, but as she gave in to the feel of his soft lips, she found her hands moving from her ears to fist his shirt and pull him closer. In the dark, she felt free to give in to what she had long denied wanting… Nick.

   She nearly huffed as he pulled back, his forehead again pressed to hers, his breath coming heavy as it fanned against her face. 

   “You should never doubt us.”

   Blinking, she fought to see anything in the dark confines of the snow that somehow hadn’t crushed them, but had kept them safe. “In us, or in the magical ones who somehow saved us?” she whispered back.

   Nick laughed softly. “Both, little nymph.”

About the Author

Magen dreams is the world of the supernatural and looks forward to continuing her Immortal Heart Series and creating worlds for her readers to get lost in and characters to fall in love with. She loves to read and spends as much of her free time with family and friends as possible. Believing life is what you make of it she follows her dreams through anything that would threaten to hinder her.

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  1. This series looks really cool! Can't wait to read them :)