Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Review: Modern Sex: What Guys REALLY Want, Why You Need to Know by K. Rebellow

THE relationship guide, sex guide, self help guide to improve your marriage, your dating, your sex lives! This e-book will inspire you to take action to improve the communication and connection that may have been lost over time, and get your relationship and sex back on track! The education that you will receive will be an invaluable asset as you learn, through open, honest communication, what your guy really wants from his partner. You’ll learn what sex techniques you can master to REALLY satisfy him, because by taking the initiative to understand and implement what he desires, you increase your chances of him learning and practicing what satisfies YOU sexually, enhancing the love and respect you deserve, with the ultimate result of a healthy, RECIPROCAL sexual relationship. 

Some things you’ll learn in this self help sex guide: 

--Recharge the sexual spark by making this one small change to your physical appearance 
--When is the best time to have that “sex talk” 
--What questions to ask to improve your “continuing sex education” and learn specifically what sex techniques he desires(even if he may be initially hesitant to tell you) 
--The best techniques for giving your guy MIND BLOWING, TOE CURLING oral sex! 
--How to massage his prostate to give him amazing orgasms 
--What spontaneity can do to totally transform your marriage or relationship 
--What you can do to make the experiences pleasurable and enjoyable for YOU 
--How to satisfy his most intimate desires and still love and respect yourself in the morning 

This awesome sex guide for women AND men has proven steps and strategies to increase your levels of sexual enjoyment and happiness. The fun part is practicing!! 

Modern Sex, What Guys really want, by K.Rebellow is like having a conversation with your best guy friend who will tell you like it is. It's funny, light-hearted and can be read in about five minutes. Did I learn anything new? No, but it was interesting to see what this male had to say on the topic. Let's face it, most of us have girlfriends that we sit with and talk to about our sex lives. If you don't, then you should pick up this book. If you have no guy friends ,gay or straight, to talk to and get it straight from the horses mouth, again you should read this book. Ladies, we all have that one friend who doesn't believe you about using teeth, now you have this hand dandy guide to back up what you have said all along.
Now, one thing I did not care for, and it pissed me off, was the authors comment that if you can't satisfy your man he will go elsewhere, as if it is all your fault. If your man cheats, you have way bigger issues. One thing we do agree on is communication. If you are going to have sex with him, you should be talking about things. To shy to bring it up? Then use this book as an ice breaker. Couldn't hurt right?

About the Author

K. Rebellow is an author, blogger, and a member of a few local Atlanta writing groups. He enjoys writing about real life experiences in the hopes of ultimately improving the lives of his readers. In the case of his current book Modern Sex: What Guys Really Want, Why You Need to Know, he offers frank, practical suggestions designed to promote dialogue between partners to reach the goal of a reciprocal relationship. He will soon be publishing the e-book in various languages, with an audiobook to follow. In his spare time, K. Rebellow enjoys getting inspiration from everyday life: walks/bicycle rides in the park, trying new local Atlanta cuisine with friends, traveling, enjoying live music, indie movies, and enjoying the Atlanta social scene.

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