Friday, May 6, 2016

Review: Burning Desire by Cassie Donoghue

Burning Desire 
Cassie Donoghue

A 10,000-word novelette of undeniable attraction and forbidden love...

A family tragedy brings Lyndsie and and her stepbrother, Kyle, back into each other’s lives after a decade-long estrangement. Will the untameable passion between them be enough to overcome the personal challenges standing in the way of their mutual happiness? 

Author note: This story was originally published in the now-defunct anthology, Brotherly Love: Stepbrother Romance. If you purchased that title, please be aware this is not a new story.

Really liked this story. I usually avoid stepbrother romances but now I don't remember why, this was pretty good. This was well written and had a good plot . I really enjoyed it. I had never read anything by this author  and will definitely check out more of their work. . This was definitely worth the read. 

About the Author:

Cassie Donoghue is in her early thirties and is the epitome of a quiet, kinky girl. An unassuming, if sassy, paper-pusher by day and a naughty writer by night, Cassie delights in her dichotomy and enjoys her natural inclination towards being a submissive. She founded Dirty Dames ( as an anonymous outlet to fantasize about her more controversial kinks.

Outside the realm of kink and taboo, Cassie spends her time wishing she was at the beach, feeding her nail polish buying addiction (yes, another!), listening to too much indie music, and daydreaming of being the perfect housewife someday.

Follow her on Twitter @CassieDonoghue1 and @thedirtydames


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