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Book Tour: Dance of Love by Inge Saunders

About the Book

Title: Dance of Love
Author: Inge Saunders
Genre: Contemporary Romance

All roads lead to Rome when Ashley Solomons embarks on fulfilling her dream to become a world-class dancer. But there’s one person who stands in her way. “It`s a no from me,” Antonio Machiavelli.
When Antonio’s auditions for a lead principal end in wintry Cape Town, the last thing he expects is to have more than a knee-jerk reaction to an audition. Ashley not only verbally challenges him, but also translates her fire and cheekiness into an edge of your seat performance.          
Can Antonio keep his distance from Ashley? Can Ashley focus on fulfilling her dream of becoming a lead principal? Or will love have its way?

Author Bio

Inge Saunders lives in the biggest small town in South Africa‒ Worcester. She fell in love with books when she started reading romance novels with her grandmother. Intrigued by the worlds books unlocked, it was inevitable she would take pen to paper. She holds an Honors degree in Community Development and Learning Support and loves to sink her teeth into the research part of a story.
When she’s not writing about that ‘inexplicable attraction’ she’s reading almost every sub-genre in romance out there, spending time with friends and family and taking hikes in her hometown’s National Karoo Park.

Inge’s been a member of ROSA (Romance writers’ Organization of South Africa) since 2012 and have two titles published, Falling for Mr. Unexpected (2014) and Dance of Love (2015) through Decadent Publishing.

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Twitter: @saunders_inge


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Book Excerpt

He stared at his clipboard. What do I have against her? An image of her leather-clad body came to mind, sending a heat wave through him. He struggled to get Ashley off his mind. He didn’t need another romantic entanglement with his female lead. Look where the last one had gotten him. Despite where his thoughts took him, he wasn’t interested in the upstart.
“Yes, but she mentioned stage fright herself. She hasn’t performed since age ten. And, even then, she didn’t win any of those competitions. She’s too much of a risk,” he said.
“Antonio, I agree with you. She’s a ball of raw energy. But wouldn’t you love to develop her talent? She could burn up a stage.”
“She doesn’t have the build of a classical dancer.”
“Body type’s no longer set in stone,” Mia countered.
“I vote for Ashley,” Duncan raised his hand.
 “I also vote for Ashley.” Mia put her pen down on her clipboard, as if laying down the gauntlet.
“I’m the one who’s going to have to spend hours working with her. Not you.” His words were met with silence. He tried again. “I don’t think she has the stamina for the boot camp.”
They stared at him.
He held his hands up in surrender but said, “If she doesn’t book a flight home after the first week then my name isn’t Antonio Machiavelli.”
Duncan fist-pumped the air. “Mia, do the call.”
Usually when those who made it through to this final point were announced he would head back to his hotel, but today he didn’t. He wanted to see how the girl took the news.
They found three good contenders for the spot and decided to give them all the opportunity to come to his ballet boot camp in Rome. After the training period, the female lead principal would be chosen from the best the world could offer.
Antonio folded his arms and watched the nervous movement on stage. He didn’t see Ashley amongst the group. Duncan threw him a questioning look, but he’d be damned if he knew what was going on.
Then she burst onto the stage but took a place at the back, her earlier fierceness replaced by a nervous fidget. She wore her sweatpants and hoodie, again, he noted with regret.
“Thank you for coming. Unfortunately, we can’t take all of you. There have been some good performances, and I want to encourage you to keep on training, to keep on dancing.”
Antonio zoned out of Mia’s little speech. She did the talk every time. But he knew she meant every word. She was such a bleeding heart. There were dancers he wanted to encourage to get another day job, maybe become a dentist.
“So, without further ado, would Meaghan Lewis, Thandi Nelson, and Ashley Solomons please step forward?” With those words, they dismissed the rest.
Meaghan and Thandi squealed and hugged their friends. Ashley, however, stood stock-still as if she couldn’t believe what was happening, then from the side of the stage a pixie of a woman came running and bulldozed her over, both of them landing in a pile of limbs.

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