Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review: Discovered Mate: A Tale of Desire And Chess by Todd Caldwell

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Sam is smart, crazy, intense, addicted to intensity, and Alex knows it. And it annoys the hell out of her. Not that Alex would mind a little intensity. Or a lot. Four years of college and all she has to be proud of are good grades. She begs her friend Sophie for something fun, and Sophie invites Alex to dinner and chess with friends, including Sam. But dinner and chess isn't the kind of fun Alex wants. Then Sophie drops her bomb. 

"It's strip chess, Alex." 

Sam sees Alex as a good opponent, and a good girl. How will he react if he sees the rest of her? That might be more intensity than Alex can handle. 

Looking for a sexy romp in your reading? Then Discovered Mate by Todd Caldwell is what you want. Or need. 

I have heard of strip poker, which I have never played, but strip chess is a whole other ball of wax. Our leading lady Alex has been all study and little fun. Now with finals and many years of hard work behind her it is time to let her hair down and get wild. Oh and she does, maybe even more than her friends would have ever dreamed. The story of six friends having dinner and playing games is fun and witty. 

I did get lost in the rules of the game, I am not a chess player and don’t understand it already add in new rules for losing clothes and I was royally lost. Loser has to do dares. This I understand and this is where the sexy kicks in. Watching a female friend do naked yoga can really get the crowed hot and bothered. As for the simple indoor dares I was cool, but the public dare I was not so thrilled with. You can read and decide that on your own. In the end Alex and her rival Sam see each other in a whole new light or should I say see ALL of each other. 

This story is fun, light and full of sexy college debauchery. 

About the Author

Todd Caldwell had his writer awakening at eleven and his publishing quite a bit later. He usually writes when he is awake, sometimes when he is asleep, but only about characters he cares about. His preferences include science fiction, physics, and psychology, but not always in that order. He currently working on several projects that should have been completed a long time ago. And, he is always looking for more.

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