Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Book Tour: The Athena Operation by Dalton Cortner

About the Book
Title: The Athena Operation
Author: Dalton Cortner
Genre: Science Fiction
In a future where wars and poverty are quickly on the rise, the universe has hit its ultimate enemy: itself. Once known for their dedication and loyalty to the good of the universe, the seythra, a strong-willed alien race, have attacked and declared war on the rest of the universe. Now, throwing their immense numbers against the opposition of the Confederate Military, hope is dwindling. Trust between factions, races, and planets are weakening by the moment. What caused the seythra to rebel? Why can they no longer be reasoned with? And most importantly, can anyone stop them in time? 

Seraph Aydrian, an infamous soldier one reprimand away from termination, must lead an army of soldiers, mercenaries, and civilians against the seythra assault and not only stop the chaos and destruction, but uncover the dark and sinister motives that are driving the murders.

Author Bio

Dalton Cortner is the author of "The Athena Operation," a sci fi novel. It is his first published work. The idea first came to him in 2010, and took many different shapes and forms throughout the writing process. 

Dalton was born in Wichita, KS on September 14th, 1993. He didn't start writing until he was about 10 years old. It was the discovery of online roleplaying that led him to writing his own fictional stories, creating worlds, and devising characters. 

He currently resides in Harrisburg, PA with his fiancée and is hard at work on his next story.


Official Website: www.daltoncortner.com

Book Excerpt

"“It's time.”
The words stung Zane Silver’s ears. He let slip a low sigh, and tried to keep his attention on the window panel in front of him, on the planet in the distance. His hands shook as he folded his arms. This moment would define his very existence. No greater act could ever match what he and his partner, Aven Sabu, were about to achieve.
Zane glanced at his othal partner.
The othal were considered a trustworthy race, but Zane regarded Aven with so much more than trust. He considered Aven Sabu a brother. After all they'd been through together, it seemed almost demeaning to label him as anything less. A bond had been forged be-tween them, a bond that was about to reach its apex.
“It will be glorious,” Zane said, his tone flush with confidence. “Never has this universe seen such a feat.”
Aven smiled and walked over to Zane. “It . . . will be illustrious.” There was a glint of hunger in his eyes, fueled by the prospect of power.
It was no secret that Aven was the greedier of the two, but surprising to both of them, it had aided their partnership. With his standing in the othal hierarchy, Aven had access to nearly limitless funds, and he had influence. He had no trouble directing attention elsewhere, so that he and Zane went undetected.
“Do the others know?” Aven asked.
“Everyone. They were informed today at 13:02,” Zane smiled.
“Is Lahen prepared?”
“Lahen was alerted at dawn. He knows, and has assured me his nerves are calm.”
“Good, good. The operation can commence. Do it, my brother.”
Zane walked to the middle of the room. He stood over a low table, staring down at a large, red but-ton. He was struck by the gravity of it. This one button would act as the catalyst for their grand agenda. Zane took a deep breath. He gave his partner a final glance, and Aven nodded his approval.
Zane pushed the button."

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