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The Work of S.L. Dearing - Happy Birthday!

In honor of her birthday, 
we present the work of 
S.L. Dearing

The Oak: A Grown Up Fairy Tale

On the outskirts of small French village lives Keitha Dubois, a beautiful young healer whose small cottage lies under the largest oak of the forest. Her quiet solitary life is filled with caring for the sick, and the everyday work of the age, with the occasional visits of good friends.

But this life is about to change.

The Huntsman. The Constable. The Stranger.

All vying for her love. Yet, who will she choose?

 For one wants to possess her, one to protect her and one to love her forever.

Between passion, devotion, and obsession, the crusade to win her heart begins with The Oak.

If you grew up loving fairy tales and finding your happily ever after then you want to read The Oak by S.L. Dearing. 

Keitha, an independent woman, lives in a small cottage alone next to a mighty Oak.  Her best friend Justin has loved her for ages but she does not love him in the same romantic fashion but they remain great friends.  Another young gent in town, Foley Guillory  also wants the fair maid and will do all he can to have her. Neither man is the one who will be her true mate and who her true mate is, is the surprise you can’t wait to read about. Living in the woods you never know what magical creature will come one’s way.  

Dearing’s story is full of romance and intrigue every step of the way.  She paints a wonderful picture of a “little town it’s a quiet village, everyday like the one…” oh wait that’s a different story but some of the same feel. And her mystery man...well… “She won’t discover that it’s him til chapter…” Oh yeah, if loved that story you will love this short too. Maybe even take a walk in the woods in winter. Or the winter scene will help cool you down with how hot the two lovebirds can get. The sex is tastefully done but the romance is hot. 
This story will become your favorite “tale as old as time.”

The Lia Fail Chronicles
The Gathering: Book One

The world as we know it is gone.
There are no more countries, states, or cities.  No more traditional government...
only survivors who have created a new world made up of small colonies. 

It has been thirteen years since the
last World War and the village of Lia Fail sits peacefully above the
Hollywood Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains.  The settlement is
making ready to host the fall Gathering. A time to remember the past as
well as discover new loves, old friends, family, and fun, but just as the
festivities begin, the people in Lia Fail begin to experience strange goings
on they can't explain. Unseen forces attack several guests and friends
begin to distrust friends.  When they receive news of a horrific
massacre, they realize they must face an impending dark evil that
threatens to destroy the tranquil village.  

Alia Stark, the queen of Lia Fail, must face this malevolent
force alongside her oldest and dearest friends.  The fate of her
people, the lives of her children and freedom itself rests in her hands.
Will she have the courage to do what must be done... and at what price?

This is the beginning of a journey that will change all of their
lives forever.

The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles is
the first in a new Paranormal, Fantasy, and Adventure Series.

This book contains violence and sexual situations
and is intended for a mature audience.

From the Gathering to the Bridging: Book 1.5

After the battle at the Black Castle, the survivors have returned and peace has once again settled on the village of Lia Fail. Follow the changes that have transpired in Alia Stark, as well as her family and friends, in this omnibus of tales.

From The Gathering to The Bridging is a collection of short stories from the Lia Fail Chronicles covering the gap of almost two years from the end of The Gathering and taking the reader into the next novel, The Bridging. A Wish, A Touch, A Kiss, A Birthday (Bonus Story) and A Storm contain vital information in the continuation of The Lia Fail Chronicles. Meet the newest members of the Fail, explore new love, adventures and magic, as we travel From The Gathering to The Bridging. 

*A Birthday is only available in the box set

A Wish (Lia Fail Short Story 1.1) ~ It has been just over a year since the Gathering was last hosted at Lia Fail and peace has once again returned to the little village, but the scars of the past are affecting everyone in the Stark family. It’s the Christmas/Yule season and Alia Stark is desperate to bring joy back into her house. So as she watches the stars flickering in the velvet night sky, she sees several shoot across the void and it’s then she makes… A Wish.

A Touch (Lia Fail Short Story 1.2) ~ It is February in Lia Fail. The chilly winter air is making ready for spring, and more changes are in store for the Stark family, when a wagon train from Old Idaho arrives. As a relationship dissolves, one is born, and another is rediscovered. The magic of the new world is making itself more prevalent in the form of the tiny pixies, while the untapped powers of those who have invoked the goddess are beginning to surface. Darkness once again walks the edge of the tiny village and it all begins with… A Touch.

A Kiss (Lia Fail Short Story 1.3) ~ Winter has given way to Spring in the hamlet of Lia Fail, and with the season comes rebirth and new love. We continue to learn more about the Fahey and Mercer families as well as how the magic of the New World is growing. In addition, Molly Creegan has always been a dedicated soldier, but now new feelings are awakening inside her. Her courage on the field of battle has never been in question, but is she brave enough to offer up her heart with… A Kiss. 

A Birthday (Bonus Lia Fail Short Story) ~ The Stark family comes together to celebrate someone who has become very important and special to each one of them for different reasons. The joyous occasion brings hope and closure for many members of the family in… The Birthday.

A Storm (Lia Fail Short Story 1.4) ~ Summer in Lai Fail is normally hot and dry, but there is something amiss. When the grey clouds of a typical June gloom day grow darker and darker and the winds pick up speed, Alia and her people must figure out where the tempest is coming from and what it means. With the help of the unicorns, as well as the people of Lia Fail, will their strength and love be enough to protect them all from the power of… The Storm. 

A Multi Genre Short Story Collection

From the mind of Author S.L. Dearing, five short stories in five different genres.
True Fodder is a Paranormal Horror. When Jackson Montgomery and Miranda Stuart are partnered up during the company Team Building weekend, neither of them could be less thrilled. Out in the middle of a forest, things aren't always what they appear and when these "frenemies" are pulled into a nightmare, can they put aside their differences and escape?
Drawing Heat is a paranormal erotica. Tristan the artist, and Natalia the art agent. While the sexual tension that flows from Tristan is undeniable, there is also a sense of foreboding. Something that is dark and dangerous that makes Natalia want to run.Yet, when Tristan decides to change the nature of their relationship, will Natalia succumb to the fire he elicits from her? And if so, will she survive the night?
 Shelf Life is a post-apocalyptic dystopian. Shannon and her dog, Max, have been hiding in her shelter for three weeks. The phones are dead and the radio has been nothing but static for several weeks now. What will happen when Shannon leaves thesafety of her shelter in search of food? Has the Apocalypse happened? We all have a Shelf Life. 
Affliction is a thriller horror. Kaila is a vivacious young collegiate. Life is great! That is until a mysterious package leads to one frightening event after another. Can Kaila figure out who is watching her, before it's too late?
Bloodlines is a paranormal thriller. Fleeing Nazi occupied Germany and arriving at a small cottage deep in the woods of France, Sascha and Eduard Engle have no idea whatis in store for them or who the kindly old man is who is taking care of them.But on a cold winter the night, they will learn everything they need to know about their Bloodlines. 
Welcome to the world of S.L. Dearing. Sometimes dark,sometimes evil, always intriguing.
Currently only available in paperback
 (All Short Stories are available in ebook for individual purchase)

The Pen & Paintbrush Series

This is a collection of the Pen & Paintbrush Short Stories. A contemporary romance that takes place in Los Angeles. 

The One (A Pen& Paintbrush Short Story)  

Synopsis: Kate Flannery is a successful author. She has a loving family and amazing friends,but she has never had good luck with men. Then one night, while supporting her best friend, Kate meets the man of her dreams. A cocky artist, with razor sharp wit and a dazzling smile. 

When he extorts a date from her, Kate begins to have her doubts. Will things turn out differently this time? Or will he break her heart like the others? Only by seeing the date through will Kate discover if she is... The One.
This is a contemporary romance short story that was originally published in Novel Ground's anthology All Our Love.
The Gift (A Pen& Paintbrush Short Story)  
Synopsis: In The One, Kate Flannery and Matt Eisner met at a gallery opening and, after spending one evening together, realized it was true love. Now, eight months later, they are happily living together in Matt's home in Malibu and getting ready for their first Chanukah and Christmas together. But as the holidays draw near, an unexpected problem threatens their happiness.

Will they be able to weather the storm and find their joy this holiday season? Or will the intolerance of the past tear them apart? On the last night of Chanukah and Christmas Eve, they will discover... The Gift.
This is a contemporary romance short story that was originally published in the Rising Indies United anthology Winter Kiss.

Currently only available in paperback
 (All Short Stories are available in ebook for individual purchase)

S. L. Dearing was raised in Westlake Village, California and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Shannon attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, then spent several years studying at Los Angeles City College's renowned Television/ Film program. She has worked on several film projects in many capacities: directing, writing, 1st Asst. Director, Etc. Shannon has been writing since grade school. Over the years she has written several screenplays, poems, plays and short stories. She is currently working on her Lia Fail Series, The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles and From The Gathering to The Bridging (A collection of short stories that provide backstory and a bridge to the next novel) are available now. She is working on the next novel, The Bridging: Book Two of The Lia Fail Chronicles, due out soon. In addition, she has several short stories out. And is a contributing member of the Blog, Rising Indies United - a group of Indie artists that try to promote indie works. She also has an Etsy store where she designs and creates jewelry and author swag - underdweller Treasures.  She currently lives in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. 

Her website is

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