Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Review from Belle - Transparent by Joy Eileen (Paranormal Romance, YA Friendly)


  • Print Length: 119 pages
  • Publication Date: September 26, 2015
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

Morley Rivers lived a quiet life until she brought home a portrait 
of a hottie from the 19th century.

Alexander Brynes had been cursed when his plea to a gypsy went horribly wrong. 
He was tethered to his portrait, unable to communicate with the people 
around him, until Morley came along.

Alexander is positive Morley is the key to break his curse. He wasn't 
expecting her to break into his heart.
As the curse starts to crack Alexander sheds 
his invisible state while making his true feelings known. 

If they succeed in breaking the spell, Alexander will be sent back to his time on Halloween allowing him to repair the damage his disappearance 
caused, but at the same time leaving a broken heart in his wake.

       Transparent, by Joy Eileen, is a paranormal romance written from the POV of Morley Rivers, the main character. Morley was just a young, heartbroken woman who brought home a centuries old painting of a hottie, which just happened to have his soul trapped inside. Morley was the first person who was able to hear him. They set out to return the man trapped in the painting (Alexander) to his own time and fell in love while doing so.

I love how Alexander evolved, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically, he went from an invisible ghost to an actual person, walking, eating, sleeping. Mentally, he went from a 19th century lord to being able to fit in with 21st century people. He learned a great many things from the all-knowing Google. Google truly is a lifesaver. And emotionally, he started out thinking love wasn't real, that it only hurt people or was just something made up by fools, and the book finished with him deeply in love with Morley.

If you are into paranormal and romance, then you will definitely enjoy this story.

Joy Eileen is a born bibliophile who becomes deeply engaged with her characters, and has devoured more books than she would like to admit. She becomes obsessed with happily-ever-afters, and will read any genre that fulfills that requirement. Evading the library is something she has been known to do, because after befriending the characters returning them would be a heartbreaking event. Books are held hostage on her bookshelf, and any author that makes her ugly cry becomes her sworn enemy. Nicholas Sparks is one of the many on the list of villains.

As a massage therapist, most of Joy's stories come to her while working. With the sound of classical music, and snoring from a half covered hostage, characters are created. The victim (massage patient) has no idea that while their body is being manipulated, Joy has traveled into distant lands creating landscapes and inhabitants as she goes. Her patients should be wary as sometimes they are pulled into her stories and turned into characters. Hero or Foe? Well, that depends on how they tip.


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