Tuesday, February 20, 2018

New Review from Sadie: Dragon's Den by Terri Branson (Science Fiction, Fantasy)

Dragon’s Den
Terri Branson

Genre: Science Fiction

Date of Publication: 2003

ISBN: 978-0-9787421-1-9
ASIN: 0-9787421-1-7

Number of Pages: 104
Word Count: 34,000

Cover Designer: Terri Branson

Tagline: With treachery afoot at a secret facility on isolated world of T'Panabar, martial arts master Raza must find an illegal mining operation.

For three years Raza has been stuck inside the Dragon's Den, a military training facility hidden on the icy and isolated world of T'Panabar. There he serves as master of martial arts, counting the days until he can return home. When his father shows up, Raza is sent on a secret mission to find an illegal mining operation.
With treachery afoot, Raza must confront the most dangerous dragon incarnate of all: himself.

In need of some Sci Fi / Fantasy in your life? Let’s be honest… we all do at some point. Check out this quick read by Terri Branson called Dragon’s Den. 

The story is set on an ice planet where young dragons are trained and learn about their powers. But not dragons who breathe fire and have scales and wings, nope, humans with dragon abilities. And while I was wishing for some actual dragons,  the story did not disappoint. 

A war is coming and with it a romance for our fearless warrior Raza. A little spit fire of a girl that Raza's father brings with him to help spy on their secret mission, sparks a flame within Raza. 

I enjoyed the read but there were a few parts where you are given a lot of detail on all the planets. I would have liked to have some of it in conversations but Branson gives you lots of description into the world she has created.  The story leaves you wanting to know what more happens to the two of them.

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