Monday, May 7, 2018

Review, Blog Tour & Giveaway: Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced by R.J. Garcia (Suspense, Young Adult)

Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced
R.J. Garcia
Publication date: May 1st 2018
Genres: Suspense, Young Adult
Mystery surrounds the town of Summertime, Indiana, where fifteen-year-old Tommy Walker and his little sister are sent to live with relatives they’ve never met. Tommy soon makes friends with Finn Wilds, a rebellious local who lives with his volatile and abusive stepfather, who also happens to be the town’s sheriff.
Finn invites Tommy to late night meetings in the woods, where Tommy gets to know two girls. He forms a special and unique connection with both girls. The meetings become a place where the kids, who don’t fit in at school, or home can finally belong. As the group of friends begin to unravel clues to a cold case murder and kidnapping— they learn the truth is darker and closer than they ever imagined. Even if they live to tell, will anyone believe them?

I have found another writer who has engaged me in the first person present. R.J. Garcia has written an intriguing and brilliant novel, filled with well developed characters. They are flawed and redeemable, loving to hate and then loving. The frustration and tension is beautiful.

I'm not going to delve into the plot, as it's intricate and full of beautiful information left to be discovered. just know that this is a well written, fully developed book that you will love. 

Go grab a copy today. 

R.J. Garcia is a wife and proud mom. She earned her MSW and worked with foster children and as a school social worker. Writing has been her other great love. She has published several non-fiction pieces. She has been writing short-stories for as long as she can remember. To her amazement, those short stories became novels!


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