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Review From Sadie (NEW): C.O.D.E.- Communication, Objectiveness, Dedication, Engagement - Living Healthy, Happy and Whole Submerged in Tragedy, Trauma and Death Inspired by True Events - Volume 1 by Anita Agers-Brooks & Darren Dake (Self-Help, Post Traumatic Stress)


Living Healthy, Happy and Whole Submerged in Tragedy, Trauma and Death
Inspired by True Events - Volume 1

Anita Agers-Brooks
Darren Dake

Horrific accidents, savage beatings, murder, suicide, autoerotic deaths, overdoses, burned and mutilated bodies: these are nearly every day occurrences for the extraordinary women and men who work in emergency services fields. These selfless individuals are exposed to things the everyday person rarely, if ever, sees. Yet, the men and women who sacrifice family and self-are often taken for granted — or treated as if their work doesn’t matter. In worst cases, they are treated like the bad guys. Over time, an accumulation of these experiences allows the slippery tentacles of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder, a/k/a Compassion Fatigue, to grip the minds, bodies, and souls of those who serve. 911 Operators, police, fire, EMS, death investigators, coroners, and others need to know they are not alone. C.O.D.E. addresses this reality in a real, raw, and relevant way, telling stories inspired by true events and authentic cases. Powerful tips at the end of each chapter offer hope, encouragement, and healing methods — real help for the hurting people who give their all. Foreword Domestic violence, car accidents, suicide, murder. . . . You read about them in your local newspaper, online and through social media. For a time after you read the article or headline, you show emotion for those who have been hurt, but you soon move on. For you, it’s over. But what about those working in public safety? 

Those news stories begin with, “9-1-1, what is your emergency?” From dispatch to those on the road, and to the medical examiner, a call for help can come in different forms, but the result is the same for those who respond. Eventually, it takes a toll on the soul. In reading C.O.D.E., written by Anita Agers-Brooks and Darren Dake, I revisited my thirteen years in 9-1-1 as an on the line dispatcher and supervisor. This is a must-read for those in public safety who have experienced the worst the industry has to offer and who are looking to rise above the pitfalls such as depression, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue and more. The stories of Caleb and Josie were all too real. Like Josie, I took a few calls when I stopped to think, Is this someone I know? Working in the county I grew up in, the odds were high that it was a friend or relative. In 2007, I took a call from my cousin telling me our grandmother had just passed away. My job was tough, but I loved what I did. Like Caleb and Josie, I didn’t talk to anyone, and I buried my emotions. In C.O.D.E., Brooks and Dake walk you through cases based on true events. 

At the end of each story, they offer tips of hope, ways to stop and analyze your situation and better communicate your feelings with loved ones, so you can heal from the trauma. I found closure and healing through writing my 9-1-1 stories out on my blog, The Jabber Log, and creating, Within the Trenches, a podcast based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Through this, I created #IAM911. A movement that gives a raw glimpse into the emotional stress that comes with each 9-1-1 call through the words of each dispatcher. C.O.D.E. is another crucial healing resource. Those who work in emergency services, care about someone who does or are curious about what those on the front line deal with, should read this book. —Ricardo Martinez II, host and creator of the Within the Trenches podcast. He is currently the Director of Communications at INdigital, a 9-1-1 solutions company in Indiana. In August 2016, Ricardo started the #IAM911, a movement that spread from the United States to Canada, the U.K., New Zealand and Australia. It’s popularity and success has brought the Thin Gold Line into the spotlight, and has opened the eyes of millions to what 9-1-1 dispatchers deal with daily.

Communication. Objectiveness.Dedication. Engagement. This book is written not only to give you insight on what life is like for first responders and their families, but to give applications to real-life situations. Growing up as a kid in a “Blue” blood family, I heard stories of what happened on the job. Usually more upbeat or with a funnier spin than what the tale may tragically hold.

I enjoyed reading C.O.D.E. for the short stories of the lives of the first responders and how tragic some days could be. When you grow up around it, you know only a small percent of how tough it really is on them. Each story broke my heart more and more as you delve into the psychological issues the person is facing. Seeing how some events can affect one person more personally than it would another. To say I enjoyed the stories sounds odd but seeing things through someone else's eyes is always intriguing. At the end of each story was a set of questions and CODE for the reader to answer and help ponder about what they read.

Now, I did like the “study” questions, but I did feel that it could have been done more in groups of stories instead of each one. I felt that after a while some it became repetitive.  I feel this book would be good for a support group for first responder families to help them understand some of the emotional and psychological.

Darren Dake

Darren Dake is an ordained minister with the Church of God, and is an accomplished author, evangelist, conference speaker,Christian coach, and recovering porn addict. In his latest book Unrighteous, Darren talks in auto-biographical form about the struggles he and many others face when living lives of what he calls "self made spirituality." Darren points out that too many Christians are "drowning in their own luke warm devotion to the God of their imagination." He and his wife Tammy of 27 years, have three grown boys and four grandchildren and live in mid-Missouri. Darren is the founder and lead trainer of Nfocus Church Leadership Training and Christianity Rated X. Darren can be found at www.darrendake.com

Anita Agers-Brooks

Anita Brooks motivates others to dynamic break-throughs. Blending mind, heart, and spirit, as an Inspirational Business/Life Coach, International Speaker, and Common Trauma Expert. 

Anita is also an award-winning author. Her titles include: Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over, Barbour Publishing, First Hired, Last Fired — How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market, Leafwood Publishing, Death Defied-Life Defined: A Miracle Man's Memoir, Clovercroft Publishing, and contributor to The Change: Insights Into Self Empowerment Book #4. 

She fulfills her mission to help 21st century women and men make fresh starts with fresh faith by sharing what she’s learned through experience, interviews, and research. Anita shares hope and encouragement on her Fresh Faith Inspirations podcast. 

Anita’s favorite pastime is watching sunsets with her husband of 30 years, while they laugh and dip their toes in the water. Her favorite passion is inspiring others to transform battles into victories.

You can connect with Anita on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Keep up with Anita’s latest happenings at anitabrooks.com. Email anita@anitabrooks.com to request information on having Anita inspirationally speak or train at your next event.

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