Monday, May 21, 2018

SALE - Check out the books by author, Jim Proctor (Science Fiction / Fantasy)

The Work of Jim Proctor is on SALE!!
Only .99¢

Veronica Phoenix, Search for the Phoenix, and Freedom: A Futuristic Fantasy will all be on sale for 99 cents on Amazon US and 99p on Amazon UK starting Monday May 21. 

The sale ends at midnight on Sunday May 27.

Books From Author, Jim Proctor

Freedom: A Futuristic Fantasy

Jazeen yearns to be free from her over-protective parents, tired of living in the shadow of her late sister. With the help of a retired wizard, she begins to learn the truth about her sister and a past she has locked away deep in her mind. But when the wizard is taken by a bounty hunter, Jazeen tries to save him.

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Veronica Phoenix

Carl Wilkins is a successful man with a thriving business who loses everything when he unwisely accepts a deal that seems too good to be true. With no money and soon to be homeless, Carl allows himself to be drawn into a conspiracy to take down SACOM -- the very people who ruined him. The problem with conspiracies is, you can’t always tell who the bad guys are, and Carl finds himself in the middle between two powerful enemies.

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Search for the Phoenix

Nolan Peters and Megan Carson investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend, Carl Wilkins. Fighting to remain one step ahead of SACOM, they rush to find Carl before SACOM does. When the pair uncovers a treasonous conspiracy, they reluctantly put their trust in a SACOM investigator and a hard-nosed Army general to root out the conspirators.

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Made in the Stars

Mankind has spread to dozens of worlds throughout the universe, and traveling to another world is as simple as stepping through a wormhole or walking onto a Starliner to travel through hyperspace. Finding true love across the vastness of space has been relegated to mathematical algorithms and supercomputers.

Keylann Ascentia is looking for love. With the aid of her Mate Technician, Torina Gates, her search takes her to new worlds. As much as some things change, others remain the same. Sometimes, when you least expect it, love finds you.

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About the Author

Jim Proctor has worked as a research engineer and scientist for more than 36 years. An avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy since high school, he began writing his first novel around 2009. He also enjoys writing short stories, and loves a good plot twist.

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