Friday, January 2, 2015

Review of Twisted Desire by Laura Dunaway



She woke in the dark. The sharp surge and sway of her world the only hints she has of her surroundings.

Penelope Santoro is alone, trapped in an empty room of what could only be a boat in the middle of a rough ocean. With no recollection of how she got there, and no escape in sight, she's quickly losing hope that she will ever find her way home.

Tag Reynolds is detached. His life depends upon it. But when the beautiful daughter of one of his biggest rivals winds up in his care, his entire world shifts. Drawn to her innocence, he desperately fights the feelings he can't have...feelings that could destroy everything he's worked for.

Penny is nothing more than a pawn in a deadly game -- a game that Tag cannot afford to lose. Can he save her without compromising his position, or will they become victims of their twisted desire?

5 Stars

This is a great read.  One that I had trouble putting down.  It only left my eyes when my daughter needed something.  This is the first book of Laura Dunaway's that I have had the pleasure to read.  She's definitely an author I will read more of.

Penelope, or Penny, Santoro was kidnapped and is being held hostage on a yacht.  She has no clu as to why she is being held.  She does have a hot "babysitter" though.  At first I thought her feelings towards Tag were like Stockholm Syndrome.  But he really wasn't like the "bad guys".

Tag Reynolds is the bad guy whose job is to watch, protect, and take care of Penny.  Who knew he would fall for her also.

There is love, amazing sex, betrayal, stalking all in this book.  There's also lies and some surprise twists that I didn't see coming.  You won't be disappointed in this read!

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