Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: The Man in the Golden Mask by N.A. Wetzel

There is a darkness falling over the crescent city during the most cheerful times of the year, and there is a mystery that begs to be solved.

Charlotte Summers is forced to come home after the death of her biological parents. Having been raised by her grandmother, a voodoo priestess, she returns to say her goodbyes to her parents that she knew very little about, and support her grieving grandmother. Soon after returning, she loses her high school sweetheart to a weaseling cheerleader. But Tina, Charlotte's best friend, is there for her through it all.

Things start to change New Orleans in a dark way after the arrival of a mysterious man, Cassius, whom bought the Nottoway Plantation shows up. Murders start to occur, dead bodies drained of blood, and shriveled up like mummies are floating in the Mississippi River and dumped in dark alleys.

As Charlotte is drawn to the Mysterious new owner of the Nottoway Plantation, she is pulled into a world that is dark, dangerous, alluring... and turning the Mississippi River blood red.

Are Charlotte and Tina safe from the horrors that surround them, or are they just the next victims to a creature of legend?

The Man in the Golden Mask was a dark vampire romance set in New Orleans present day. I can't really go into much of the plot without giving too much away but I will say this, this book has some voodoo, vampires,and a masquerade ball. It is dark but had humorous parts too. There is mystery, suspense, and some sad parts too. This book has everything that makes a good read. It is well written and keeps you right there needing to read more so, in my opinion this was an excellent read and I look forward to reading more from this author. Oh and I loved Charlotte's friend Tina and her grandmother. I liked their feisty attitudes.

            Returning home to New Orleans was bitter sweet for Charlotte Summers. She had worked hard to leave and attend a University further away, now she was going back to live with her grandma, a voodoo queen, and figure out what to do with her life. A mystery man may turn out to be her answer in The Man in the Golden mask by N.A. Wetzel.  After meeting her mystery man other strange things start happening. Bodies are found dead, completely drained. For the first time Charlotte believes in all the folk stories her grandmother had shared with her, mainly vampires. When push comes to shove Charlotte will find she has some magical powers of her own.
A vampire book with no sex…What? It was still steamy even though the sexy couple never hit the sheets and I liked it. New Orleans is always a great back drop for paranormal adventures. The author captured what the city felt, looked and smelled like, taking you there. I could smell the coffee as I read. The villain in the story turned out to be a surprise, especially since most of his stories he is the hero. I like a story where I feel a part of it and this book did that. 

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