Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Takeover Spotlight: Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James is the author of the Design Series, the Romance on the Boardwalk Series and the Solitaire Series. She writes contemporary romance set in her native North Carolina. A life-long reader, she began writing a novel at age fifteen, put it away with no hopes of publication, but now has realized her dream as an adult. Inspired by several bestselling authors she began working as a beta reader and her passion for writing once again surfaced. She embarked on a journey to see if she could complete a novel and Love by Design was born. 

With warm reception to her first novel she is now making this crazy world a part of her life. Elizabeth believes you're never too late in life to realize your dreams and this has opened up a new world of adventures and meeting new people which she loves to do. Elizabeth lives in North Carolina with her husband and their dogs. She enjoys traveling, exploring North Carolina, and spending time with her friends.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?  I currently have 3 WIP but the one that will probably be released first is actually a book that I began writing when I was a teenager but never finished.  Now, years later, I’m picking it back up and going to finally complete it.  It centers on a young woman who becomes the personal assistant to a very wealthy businesswoman who also happens to have two very handsome twin sons. 
Who designs your covers?   ShamRock Designs
Do you have any advice for other writers? Follow your dreams and if you want to write, do it!  You are the only person who needs to love it and if you love it, then others will.
Do you have any writing rituals or certain things you do to aid your writing process?
I love complete quiet and a darkened room.
Favorite snack and thing to drink while you write?   I may occasionally have a glass of wine while I write a romantic scene but usually I don’t eat or drink while writing.

ebook or print?  I love print books, especially signed ones.junk food or sweets?   Junk food (salty)dogs or cats?  Definitely dogs…I have had several in my life and currently have two beautiful furbabies.tea or coffee?   Tea (has to be from my English heritage)dark or light colors?   Dark, I tend to wear more of those.angels or demons?  Definitely angels and I believe I have some watching over me.paranormal romance or historical romance?  I like both and really can’t choose.Boxers or Briefs?  How about boxer briefs??  I love those!Control Freak or Careless Jerk?  I’m not a control freak by any means but I’m also not careless…I ride the fence.

Top 5 authors I have to read
Stephanie Rowe
Kresley Cole
Laura Kaye
J.R. Ward
Gina Maxwell
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