Friday, July 3, 2015

Review: Damaged by Avelyn Paige

 Evie Carter has faced trials and tribulations her entire life. Her teenage years have been ripped away from her as she battles cancer. Just when things can’t get any worse, her doctor delivers the news that it’s finally time to make a life or death decision. Her options are limited and come with deadly consequences. The miracle drug that is meant to save her life changes her on a cellular level. She might not be damaged anymore, but she might just be damned in her new life.
Just when Evie's life couldn't get any worse... her miracle turns into a nightmare!

After a life time of being in and out hospitals battling Lymphoma, Evie Carter had one wish, to live. When modern medicine could no longer help, her last hope was for a trial medication to help. Evie hoped and prayed for a miracle. But what if the miracle you prayed for was not the life you dreamed of? Do you die again or live the life someone else has created for you? This is Evie’s next battle. Choosing to live may be a lot harder than she had ever dreamed it to be.
This first person narrative of Avelyn Paige’s novel Damaged takes you through what the life of a dying girl is like and then her struggle to reclaim it. this book was an emotional roller-coaster with plenty of twists to keep me engaged and wanting more. As I reader,  I could see, smell, and feel everything that happened to Evie every step of the way. I cringed every time a needle came into view.
 This was a fun and quick read and I'm looking forward to what happens next.


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