Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blog Tour and Review: Daddy's Boy by Majanka Verstraete


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Jake's girlfriend is pregnant, his worst nightmare come true. Overwhelmed with memories of a drunk abusive father and a miserable childhood, Jake doesn't think he's fit to be a dad. Now, he must make an impossible choice: clean up and get his life together (and lay off the booze while he's at it), or get rid of the problem...


I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Daddy's Boy by Majanka Verstraete, 
but wow, I was pleasantly surprised. What a wonderful short! 
It was real and gritty. The reader can feel the emotions and ride along with Jake as he 
experiences his journey.
Although this story is short, the characters are fully formed and the story is definitely a ride. 
Ms. Verstraete is an amazing new author, and I look forward to her future work.

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 About the Author   

Majanka Verstraete is a twenty-four year old author from Belgium. She studied law and is now studying criminology at university. She writes speculative fiction for children and young adults. When she's not writing or helping other authors with marketing, she likes spending her time playing World of Warcraft and binge-watching Netflix. 

She's the author of "Valentina's Spooky Adventures", a picture book series for kids with a vampire as main character, and of the "Weirdville" series, chapter books for fans of "Goosebumps". Her young adult series include "Mirrorland" (YA Dark Fantasy) and "The Angel of Death Series" (YA Paranormal). 

Her newest book, "Reflected", the second book in the Mirrorland series, will release in May 2015. 


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