Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blog Tour: Cellar by Karen E. Taylor

About the Book
Title: Cellar
Author: Karen E. Taylor
Genre: Horror

Something’s not quite right about the neighborhood of Woodland Heights. Five years ago six children disappeared in this suburban heaven. When Laura Wagner moves into a house that had been vacant for most of those five years, this something comes alive. Laura Wagner, divorced mother of two, addicted to alcohol and Valium, sees nothing wrong with her life; she sees nothing much at all. She gets by as well as she can, aided by the solace of her drugs and whiskey, until the day she backs into a police car in the parking lot of her favorite bar and is sentenced to involuntary rehabilitation treatments. Returning home clean and sober is an eye-opening experience. The spirit dwelling in her house reveals its true, evil nature and begins to prey upon her, her friends, even her children, avid to spread its message of death and despair. Laura must learn to control her inner demons before she can subdue these outside forces threatening to break free. She must learn how to distinguish hallucinations from reality, learn how to stop the spirit that requires her death and the deaths of her loved ones.

Author Bio

Karen E. Taylor is the author of the popular Vampire Legacy series, CELLAR (a ghost novel,) numerous short stories, and a collection which earned her a Bram Stoker Award nomination. She is currently working on a new urban fantasy series, along with other projects she is too superstitious to mention.


Book Excerpt

The neighborhood girls formed a semi-circle around Lizzy.  Thinking it was only the cold that made her shiver, she took a deep breath.  This is a stupid game, she thought, I never should’ve said I’d play.  But she knew she couldn’t back out now.  Amanda, who’d been enjoying the other girls’ company, would never let her forget it.
“Go ahead, Lizzy.”  Brittany gave her a little push forward so that Lizzy’s nose almost touched the sliding glass door.
Lizzy shut her eyes and began to count silently.
One, two, three, four...
The girls around her began to chant softly.  “Aunt Dolly, Aunt Dolly, Aunt Dolly...”
...twelve, thirteen, fourteen...
The girls’ voices grew louder and Lizzy felt her heart beat faster and faster.  She wanted to stop this stupid game.  She wanted to stop it now.  But she kept her eyes closed tight.
“Aunt Dolly, Aunt Dolly, Aunt Dolly...”
...eighteen, nineteen, twenty!
Lizzy finished the count.  She opened her eyes.  And screamed.

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