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Book Tour: Revenge of the Wolf Two by Skyler Patterson

About the Book

Title: Revenge of the Wolf Two
Author: Skyler Patterson
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Horror

At a young age  a wealthy  young handsome man: Justice Sorrowfell was bitten by a wolf. This left him with the abilities to change his  skin and shift his shape at will into a grievous wolf. Justice shared his secret with no one. Justice had everything a man could want.  Money, wealth and being a son of a 18th century shipping magnate in New York City. Justice is missing  however one important thing, to make his life complete. A LOVE.

A young wealthy angelic woman named Angelica Innocenta is young and beautiful. Angelica  has everything a woman could want too. All except a A LOVE . A man.. Angelica and her beautiful Spaniard girlfriend Selita conjure up scenario after scenario to purposefully court eligible men. Angelica finds no man to her liking until one day Selita tosses (Literally)her into the most handsome man she ever did see! JUSTICE SORROWFELL!

Justice and Angelica begin a glorious romance. They court throughout the city. All is exquisite and utter bliss until tragedy strikes! Whilst both are out and about the city Angelica is murdered by a heinous outlaw! Justice never forgives himself for Angelica’s death. Justice thus far has never felt the need to use his supernatural feral gifts. Never until now!  And when New Yorks police cannot seem to bring Angelica’s killer to the gallows. The man named Justice  Sorrowfell, decides a wolf could sniff this outlaw into the open!  He feasts  on outlaw after outlaw in the form of a four-legged wolf and a werewolf! He becomes a SKIN-CHANGER VIGILANTE This eventually attracts the attention of New York  Police inspectors!
The New York inspector Nolan Noluck and his partner Wilhelm Dogood . Wilhelm Dogood is summoned from England after investigating the Jack The Ripper case abroad! Both men are now  on the case! These two join forces to investigate a strange case of vigilante killings that seem to be the work of a wolf and a man! They begin their hunt for this prolific feral killer. But are they hunting a man or a beast ?!

A trio of shape-shifting tourists enter the city. They join Justice’s wolfpack. Yet they may not want to feed on only the outlaws.. A never ending grief descends upon Justice. Justice seems doomed by grief until he can be caught to face New York ‘s  police form of justice! Justice for the vigilante killings he is alleged  to have committed.. Justice is descending into alcoholism and becoming heathen.. And then one emotional visit to his dearly departed fiance’s gaudy crypt changes. It. all! AN ANGEL LIVES! IN UN-DEATH! And what does she offer him besides her incredible sensual charms? Advice on what to do next: “KILL EVERY OUTLAW IN NEW YORK CITY!” And so the body count rises! The red hot lovemaking continues! And now here we are its REVENGE OF THE WOLF TWO! Justice is kicking his  vengeance into overdrive, whilst finding time to appease his now day -walking fiance’s insatiable desires! The police are closing in and the love birds are planning a wedding! An epic showdown looms in the distance! ALL PEOPLE DO DIE. BUT TRUE LOVE CANNOT BE KILLED. OR CAN IT?! FIND OUT! This is the second book in an epic tale of paranormal, gothic, horror, action,romance!  Revenge Of The Wolf 2  An ebook on Amazon and Barnes&Nobles! And KOBO! Revenge of the wolf One  and Two are both now now on Amazon.(GET REVENGE OF THE WOLF ONE- FREE ON AMAZON KINDLE AUGUST 7Th & 8 th!!!) These ebooks were written by Goodreads author SKYLER PATTERSON!


There we were upon four legs, prowling beneath the glorious moonlight. Crows flew above us. For they knew that where we hunted , death would surely follow. I was in the front of course. Ever the Alpha –Male am i. My coat of silver and my red eyes gleaming. My white jaws were gaping. A hearty white albino wolf runs beside me. These wolves were not the opinionated shifters of shape as Jean, Hans and Hellga. For they would heed my commands. They would kill whom i commanded without quarrels. Lucky for me there were no innocents within the wood upon this night. Only the creatures that were upon four legs. And then their presence could be detected. I stopped my running. My snout was in the sky. There were at least twenty of us. We were grey and black and albino white. Our coats were furry and our jaws were gaping with fangs of ivory death. And then they could be seen. They were a small group of deer. They had no doubt sensed our presence. They were bounding away into a vast clearing. The black crows above us were settling into the surrounding trees to watch this dance of death. The deer were  quick. Yet we were quicker still! My thoughts suddenly were of my beloved  Angel and how this had all come to be. How i had at a young age been given this gift from darkness. How i had fallen in love with my Angel. And how she had been taken from me by a heinous outlaw. Yet my Angel lived still beyond the grave.. For my lover is now un-dead. I could smell her perfume in the  air of the night. I could see her beautiful moon-white face appearing within the air . Hers was the face of the moon itself. She was summoning me. Beckoning me homeward. Her beautiful voice was in the winds once more: “JUUSTICE WHERE ARRREE YOUUUU MY LOVVERRR”?! These wolves  could hear the cooing, disembodied whisper of a  feral-angel  lusting. Some howled into the skies as we were all running. My hunger was rising now, as was my hot feral nature! And then she could be heard once more: COOMMMME TO MEEEE MY LOVVERR!! FINND MEEE WHERE I DWELLLL!  COME TOOO MEEE IN THAAT PLAACE! WHERRRE LOVVVE LIVVES IN DEEATHH! WHEERRE DEEATH LIVVES INN LOOVVEE! FEED YOURRR HUNNGER FORR  FOODD! ANND I SHALLL BEE YOUURR SWEEET DESSERRT OFFF LUSSSTTT”!! And then we were on them! I was sailing through the air! I caught a healthy deer-buck round the neck! I drug him down to the ground! My pack were surrounding the whole of our prey! My claws and fangs dealt their doom! And then my hunger for food was sated. I had fed one hunger. Now i would go into the night to feed the other.. The wolves finished their meals. The crows sailed down and had their meal as well. My four- legged brethren saw me depart. They began to follow. I howled into the glorious moonlight. Then i bounded towards that place once more. I had fed one hunger. Now i would feed my hunger for love. I would feed my hunger for  lust. I would feed my hunger for…HER
Alas my love you have come back to me.. You have come back for more..I was laying within my luxurious crypt when i heard that familiar howling. It could only belong to.. HIM my beloved Justice. To-night he has returned in the form of the wolf. He is accompanied by a pack of his  four-legged brethren. I can hear them all panting amongst the tombstones. They have departed and i can now hear my beloved’s four legs pattering upon the staircase of stone. How i truly do miss my life’s love. I wish that we could spend more time together. However he is exacting my vengeance upon New York. And i now being un-dead cannot spend but a few hours in living form outside of my red coffin. The beast is within now. I can easily make out his two red fiery eyes peeking at me through the  darkness. They are like two raging flames. The wolf’s growling has collapsed into a deathly silence, as he approaches my opened coffin. I blow my hot lustful breath upon some candles and instantly they are alight! The beast has gotten up on two legs and is now peeking into an empty ..coffin! And then he was a man again. “ANGEL—“ ”---LOOKING FOR MEEE”?! said i. I had appeared behind my Justice! It never will cease to amaze me these powers of un-death. “There you are my love”! said he. His arms were upon me as were his warm lips. “You thought i was out and about?! As well i should have been! I could make a lover of that slain philanderer Don Derron. He would surely have me”!  said i. “Forget not that he was slain by his wife, for his transgressions”! said he. “And so he is dead, yet i live”! said he. YOU PLAYED ME FALSE WITH THAT HARLOT, FILTH!” said i.  After you perished! When she lived” he said. And now she lives no more.” said he. I slapped him upon his face! He caught my hand. Vexed i was. “She lives in un-death! A fact of which i am reminded, each time i see that ghastly woman!” said i.I played you true! I knew not that you were un-dead! For in truth this is your game, not mine! I would gladly end my life to join you here”! exclaimed he. My love say no more”! I placed my finger upon his lips and kissed him with such a passion. “You are doing as i have bid you do! And you are doing it so well my love! I will not have you end your life.. or the killings”. said i. “And now.. what? I have two inspectors and all of the New York police sniffing my trail of death”! said he. AND WHAT OF ME?! I AM NOW DEAD! SLAIN BY A WORTHLESS OUTLAW! JUSTICE, HAVING LUST FILLED NIGHTS WITH ME CANNOT CONTENT MY REVENGEFUL SOUL! WE WERE IN LOVE! I WAS SLAIN! AND ALL OF OUR WEALTH CANNOT MAKE US AS WE WERE”! i stated. My words were tearing the eyes of my beloved. “We still are in love . They have killed you, BUT THEY CANNOT KILL OUR LOVE.” said my beloved Justice. “WE WERE TO BE WED! I WANTED A WEDDING! I WANTED CHILDREN! AND NOW IT SHALL (sob) NEVER BE! THAT IS WHY YOU SHALL MAKE THEM PAY! TAKE FROM EVERY WORTHLESS BRIGAND! EVERY DREG AMONGST THEIR WORTHLESS RABBLE! NO MORE WILL NEED PERISH FROM THEIR DEVILISH HANDS! THOSE OUTLAWS! TAKE THEIR LIVES”!! I yelled. My heart was dead, but my vengeance lived forever! “WHEN WILL IT END?! Every minute another innocent soul is murdered! I cannot kill them all Angelica”! my lover protested. I turned my back to him now. “Justice, you will do this thing for me! Because.. you love me! You will do this..for me. We will show them! We will show them all! Justice?! You will marry me”! said i. “WHAT”? said he confused. “How! Where”?! asked he. “You will marry me…here. There is a rich un-dead priest named Father O’Malley. I have talked with him about us. He will marry us! You will marry me, and you shall give me what i have always wanted”. said i. “And what is that”? he asked. “A HONEYMOON”. I said. “Huh”?! replied he. “JUSTICE PROMISE ME”! i commanded my lover. My voice echoed off of the walls like a horrid haunting. “I promise you Angelica, if they do not kill me.. i will do all of it..FOR YOU. It will not be long now Angelica. All will be settled. I can feel it now. It is all closing in. A day of reckoning is approaching! A day of vengeance! A day of revenge! A day of Justice! AND ALL SHALL BE SETTLED..UPON THAT DAY”! said he. I walked slowly towards my ornate coffin of crimson. I slowly rose into the air! As i rose i was slowly turning and humming And then i stopped my spinning to face him. I was in the air with my hands in a praying position. I whispered a spell. I levitated Justice into the air facing me. Justice you have hunted, now is the time for rest and LUST-MAKING. The other night.. you lusted me! To-night i want you to do something different. Justice? “Yesss my love’”. he answered. “To-night..i want you to make love to me”! My voice was a purring whisper. I gazed up into his eyes of pearl.‘ “Angelica. I do not understand” said he “MOST MEN DO NOT”. i replied . “Let me show you. THIS IS LUST”! and with that said i was kissing him upon his mouth  then  ripping his silk spun tunic of white, with my sharp canine teeth! I did this with a ravenous hunger! The  shirt was flaying like butter! My teeth scratched his skin. Blood was dripping from the corners of my mouth! “ANGELICA”? Those teeth”! He questioned. “Well my lover. Am i not a “Wolf-Queen” Now”? asked i. “Of course”! replied he. “Now THIS.. IS LOVE” said i. And  with that said, i was kissing him upon his lips. It was slow and passionately done! “MMMM I SEEEE’! replied he. “Mistake me not Justice! RED HOT INCINDIARY SEX will always be the order of the day! Just not to-night”. said i. And then we were both  slowly tilting backwards, downwards into this crimson box of bliss! Ours was a glorious and  ghostly, slow, laying. And then my lover was atop  me once more. I can truly say i am most pleased! My lover and i are in agreement. For we shall be wedded! My lover’s warm kisses are upon my neck. FOR NOW WE ARE MAKING ..LOVE! I swear just when you think that things cannot get any better..THEY DO!  I whispered a spell and closed my coffin of red!
I must truly say that i am growing quite bored  always within this crypt. I have decided to arrange  a picnic! I am sure i can exist for hours in my faux/living form outside of my coffin. So Justice and i have ventured out upon the vast greenery that precedes “ The Cemetery For The Greater Souls”.   We are dressed so  smart ! Me in  a long flowing frock of black and red and lace. I have a wide; brimmed hat with roses  round it. And i have an umbrella! Quite ornate  a trinket i must say! It is a matching black with roses snaking round it too. And my Justice is no less the handsome soul. For he cuts quite the silhouette against the breaking daylight. Him in a top hat of velvet black. His long hair blowing in the winds! A jacket and coat of the very same. He is wearing black, velvet breeches, shoes of shiny leather and his ever present Wolf-head cane. WE ARE DRESSED TO THE TENS AGAIN! Justice has located a small table and two small chairs. I have our basket in hand. Within a bottle of Italy’s best Wine Sangria! Nothing  of sustenance for me  as i have no need (Being un-dead) And for him raw Venison (YUCK)” Here we sit. The flowers are reaching our waists! There are roses and lilac aplenty! “Justice finish the meat quickly! It smells so gamey”! i state. “You are lucky that i do not eat you”! he states. “Promises . promises”! replied i.  Also with us are two furry wolves! No, they are neither Jean nor the other tourists Hans and Hellga! (Good!) Justice tosses them some of the venison meat , and  they eat it eagerly. WE LOOK SO CAPITAL”! Also near to us are two horses. His white steed Winter  of course and for me a slow, blood, red, mare! “BLOODY MARY “ i call her. “I MISS EBONY”!  My Justice rises from his  chair and walks to me. The handsome soul lifts me  up and sits me atop the table and he kisses me with such a will! (Holy Wolf-Hells!) It is slow and intoxicating. It is the lust of he and i and the sweet Italian, Sangria wine in our mouths.  It is as sweet as blood! “There is something i want to ---“ “----Justice I am sure of it! Yet we cannot do that’----“ “----NOT THAT”  replied he. “Something else! Something that we used to do---‘ “--- JUSTICE LOOK! Tis time for the mourners! We shall be seen”!  said i. Far off could be seen a coach emerging from the top of the winding trail leading up to the Cemetery.  We are up here. This is a mountainous region! Above sea-level and what-not! Justice has been residing in our crypt and a massive, nearby cave. Those tourists have taken up residence there! GOOD! They do not know yet that i am un-dead! I shall prolong this! I will not have those tourists within my space! I did nothing! Justice did everything! The coach was soon upon us. The coach stopped and  within an elderly couple could be seen! “MY WORD”! Sir why would you have pet wolves”?! Asked the grey haired soul. “BECAUSE WHEN YOU ARE DEAD YOU DO WHAT YOU BLOODY WELL PLEASE’! said my Justice. “ WHAT”?! replied the man. The coaches horses began to bay and whinny due to the wolves near to us. “QUIET!” i say to the 2 furry beasts and they cease their growling! I use the same spell i used  for his steed “Winter” and my red, slow mare. The coach moved towards the cemetery quickly! “Why so rude my dear”? asked i. “BECAUSE”! he replied. “Whence last i checked; twas only me undead”. said i. And then the brawny man lifted me up and carried me! My man is sooo strong”! He lifted  me like a feather! And then he was carrying me towards my steed. “Ohh I know what you have in mind”. said i. “Angelica, let us do what we used to ----“ “---- MY STEEED IS TOOO SLOWWW! TIS NOT FAIR!” i stated. The man placed me atop the sorry, red horse! The man jumped atop his steed. I quickly removed my stylish hat. “JUSTICE! TIS NO----“ “---- YAAAAAAA’!! yelled the man! Then he was in the winds! I followed suit and we were dashing through the tall roses and lilac and sunflowers! The wolves ran behind us! What a sight! Crows regarded us from above, as we carved through the tall, floral splendor! White doves took to flight before us like a white, smoky, cloud! Then we raced across the vast clearing! The huge angel statue gazed down upon us! We dashed down the many worn trails surrounding the cemetery! The winds whipped, our steeds dashed, and our long hair blew in the winds! We dashed through the forest. We leaped over small streams and then we stopped. “That was no fair!” said i.  “All is fair in love “ said he . The man leaned over  to kiss me again. And then the handsome soul, spoke more:” Now my love let us  go somewhere  we have not gone together in a long while”. “Oh? Where is that? “ i ask.  “YORK!! YAAAA”! yelled he. The man was in the winds again!  Suddenly we were racing down the long winding trail that lowered downwards. I gasped when i saw the long drop of doom awaiting  a misstep! Then we were racing along the even longer  trail that led into New York! After forever, finally we were within the city, entrance, proper. Our steeds trotted onto the cobble -stoned streets. What a sight we made in our frock of finery and our two furry wolves in tow ! City folk shrieked and pointed! WHAT FUN! The spectacle however would soon alert the city watch so the wolves needed to be gone! “GO BACK HOME”! i said and clapped my hands. The beasts whimpered then were in the winds :”You are becoming quite  the  Wolf- Queen aren’t you said Justice. The man handed the reins of our steeds to livery boys, and we were walking down the crowded streets of NEW YORK! It seemed like an age since i have been here! Arm in arm we were. “Justice?! What if i am recognized “! I asked. ‘That would be impossible” ! said he. “Oh, why would that be so”? asked i. “BECAUSE YOU ARE DEAD… REMEMBER”?! said he snickering, tugging me around a street corner. There he was in top hat and cane and coat!  MY JUSTICE! I opened  my ornate rose cane and spun it as i sauntered. “WHAT A HANDSOME COUPLE ‘! said a woman. “  And then THE INEVITABLE! – “ANGELICA MARIA INNOCENTA”!! AS I LIVE AND BREATHE! EEEEKK”! I FROZE! (THE WIDOW PINKERLY! A family friend!) “HOW CAN THIS BE?! I heard you (hic) died!” said she. “I DECIDED TO COME BACK… JUST LIKE JESUS”! said  i  snickering! “OHHH IT ISSS YOUUU! Mrs. Pinkerly i know how hard it must be!” said Justice. “So, sorry for your loss of your husband! WAIT! I smell alcohol! NOWWW WHEREEE ISSS ITTT”?! stated the man browsing!  Justice was looking through the woman’s large purse! “THEERRRE ITTT ISSSS’! said he . The man drew out a bottle of rum! “Mrs. Pinkerly , you really must refrain from the drink! WHEN YOU DRINK SPIRITS, YOU SEE SPIRITS”! said Justice! And with that said, he tossed the bottle upon the ground! It shattered like a broken dream! The widow hiccupped loudly! The woman raced away quickly! We laughed loudly! I gazed up at my handsome wolf of a man! His eyes were like two black pearls. The town folk were moving walking around us. We stood still. We were frozen within our blissful gander! Justice kissed me long and wet! My eyes were tearing with bliss. This man gazed into my teary eyes of grey. He looked deep into my eyes and he read my story. He read our story! The entire world seemed to stop for us. It stopped and waited for us to.. spin it round again. This place. This time.. THIS LOVE! IT COULD NOT DIE . IT WOULD NOT DIE!…And then i was spoken to again by HIM… “MY DEAREST ANGELICA.. LET US MAKE THE SECOND PART OF OUR LOVE STORY BETTER THAN THE FIRST… LET US EAT SUPPER IN THAT TAVERN!

Author Bio

I am from New York City. I love all things that are of fantasy and fiction. I love the Paranormal and the Gothic and the Romantic tales. Swords& Sorcery. Deep Sea Adventures!  I love horror! Tales of all of those Dreadful, Beautiful, Monsters: Vampires/Werewolves/ Those things that crawl in the night! I am a versatile writer. I write poetry and songs and Young Adult and Adult. Fiction. 



I love Goodreads!  I am the author of the ebooks REVENGE OF THE WOLF-ONE&TWO! THE LAST KRAKEN ONE AND TWO/ THE BOOK OF SWORDS-ONE & TWO/ And a new Y.A. E-Book series I am in awe of: coming in Sept 2016: WARPATH OF LOVE –ONE & TWO! FIND ALL MY EBOOKS ON AMAZON KINDLE AND Barnes &Nobes NOOK! Find me in human form , currently touring all of the best Starbucks and coffee houses in NYC whilst writing 1000 words per day! (sometimes more!) AND ALWAYS DO REMEMBER” ENCHANTED BOOK TOURS ROCK!!!



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