Monday, June 25, 2018

New Review from Sadie: Club Manhattan: Parts One & Two by Jennifer Louise (NA, Contemporary Romance)

Love is like holding your breath and trying to survive, yet you somehow find the strength to keep it alive.

Sparks fly and there’s an instant attraction, when the shy and demure attorney, Chloe Weston, meets the sexy and handsome architect, Aidan Montgomery. Meeting at a BDSM club was fate bringing these two opposite people together in the most sinful of ways. They soon realize that they can’t fight their wild attraction, feeling the strong pull to spend their time exploring all aspects of the Club Manhattan experience. 

When Chloe’s past comes back to haunt her, Aidan is by her side to get her through the harrowing events. These trials and tribulations made Chloe a stronger person and put their relationship on level ground. Chloe and Aidan endure more than one couple should but they were able to rebuild and restore what was evident from the start. 

This book is intended for mature audiences due to language and adult situations. (18+) This story was previously published as Club Privé: Rebuilding. New chapters have been added, characters updated, and it's now a complete novel.

Part 1:  Rebuilding
This first person story follows Chloe Weston who has left an abusive relationship and has reinvented herself. Moving far away from her ex she starts a whole new career and life except for her love life that she has left on the back burner and forgotten about until a friend invites her to Club Manhattan. A hidden BDSM club that is members only is where she finds Aidan Montgomery and sparks start to fly between them and reheating Chloe’s love life.Jennifer Louis does a nice job of telling the story and changing the POV between the characters. I did like that when she did switch she would back up to a key heated part to show the other side of the story instead of picking it from where the one thought stopped. Our couple does get attached to each other rather quickly than seems real life plausible but it's all part of the fantasy that was created.I would like to have had more about the bar and the goings on since they talk about how much the bar means to them. There some descriptions and talks about a scene being played out but I would have liked more. It was a quick enjoyable  read that I think many will enjoy and you don’t have to be into the BDSM lifestyle to get a kick out of it.

Part 2: Restoring
Months later our couple is still going strong.  You would think her past is done sneaking up on her but no they are back again and pulling at the ties that bind the two of them together. With the next possible disaster in front of the Chloe and Aidan have to work together and fully trust  one another.In here we meet Aidan’s parents, more on their story line would have been nice.Also the couple’s friends Grayson and Crystal Morrison who are their best friends and reason for getting together what little glimpses of them we see are good but I wanted more involvement and story of them.  Overall it was a good read.

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