Thursday, October 11, 2018

Release: Tipping the Scales by Leigh Hogan (Enemies-to-Lovers MMF Erotic Paranormal Romance)

Tipping the Scales
Leigh Hogan
Enemies-to-Lovers MMF Erotic Paranormal Romance

Coming Oct. 12 to KU! 
Available for Preorder!

Remember who yer friends are.
We ain’t nice; we ain’t kind.
We don’t give a **** if ya don’t like it,
but if ya keep lookin’ down yer nose like that,
someone’s gonna flatten it.
—Esa Bo Morgan

Greg Tucker lives the simple life of a small-town guy completing his master’s degree. When he decides to have a little fun at his closest friend’s expense, he discovers the unthinkable.
His best friend, Colt Morgan, is The Cottonfield Reaper.

Tuck knows only one solution.

Esa Bo Morgan vows to avenge his brother—until he finds evidence of Colt’s guilt. His own sins too grave for atonement, he seeks forgiveness from the person his sadism desires most, Tuck.

Roxy Caldwell broke up with Tuck during their sophomore year of college for being overprotective. Working on her own master’s thesis, she spent two years devising an effective therapeutic intervention for Esa. Now she holds the key to controlling his rage.

Roxy harbors a centuries-old secret of her own, one with a long memory and a lethal temper.

While evils converge on Cottonfield, an unyielding lust compels them together. The force of their connection creates a bond stronger than any they've ever known. Together they learn the unsettling truth of their creation and the mysterious deaths that plague blood-drenched Cottonfield, Georgia.

This leaves only one question to be answered:

Are they powerful enough to tip the scales in the coming war?

Trigger Warning: Esa was abused physically, mentally, and sexually. Despite both his strong constitution and Roxy's effective treatment plan, he gets triggered during this story. He doesn't want his past to hurt anyone; he prefers to hurt people in person.

As an indie editor, I had no interest in becoming an indie author. Too much work to wrangle the characters. My characters tell me seventy thousand words of a story and then wander away.

So here we are.

I was just sitting here, minding my own indie editor business, when all of a sudden, out of the blue, a character strutted in, sat on my desk, and informed me, “Hi, I’m a sadistic sociopath, and I’ll be your antihero for the foreseeable future.”

So of course I told him like I told all the others, “I’ve had it with 70,000-word goose chases. I’m not writing a single word unless you have an ending.”

He leaned closer and whispered, “I have an ending.”

Well, who could say no to that?


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