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Blog Tour & Giveaway (With Excerpt): All That's Hidden (Sugar Shack Series #2) by Susan Golden (Adult Contemporary Romance)

All That’s Hidden
Susan Golden
(Sugar Shack, #2)
Publication date: August 12th, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
All That’s Hidden is a delightful story with intrigue, humor, and of course, romance. A perfect read for the beach or traveling on a plane. I fell in love with Sugar and Rupert!
-Lorence, singer/songwriter
Pet sitter turned entrepreneur, Jennifer Albright thinks she has it all: an expanding business, a new, blissful marriage to a very sexy husband, a dog named Rupert that people frequently think is a bear, and a parrot named Sugar that Jennifer’s pretty sure is psychic. But her idyllic life begins to unravel when a series of creepy incidents threatens to sabotage the launch of her doggie day care center, and the discovery of a hidden treasure thrusts her into the world of federal agents and international thievery. The chaos soon spills over onto her home life and Jennifer reluctantly begins to suspect that her seemingly perfect, unbelievably supportive husband is hiding something from her. There’s just so much that doesn’t add up.
Tech-mogul Ryan has found the love of his life in his adorable new bride, Jennifer. But trouble seems to follow her like a basset hound. When one strange twist of events offers Ryan an opportunity he feels he can’t pass up, he unknowingly launches himself down the road of suspicion and mistrust. But he’s got this covered. She doesn’t suspect a thing.
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Ryan got home about a half hour later. He dropped his jacket on the couch and headed over to where I was sitting at the kitchen counter. 
“Do I smell kabobs? Great, let me wash up and get out of this suit.” 
I poured Ryan a beer and began to plate the take out. It suddenly struck me that this was not appropriate mom behavior. Moms bake chocolate cupcakes and roasted chicken for Sunday dinner. They cook pancakes and tuna casserole. I burn pancakes and have no idea what goes into a tuna casserole. Well, I suppose I could buy cupcakes and the pre-roasted chicken at the Safeway is pretty yummy. Anyway, new babies don’t need cupcakes and I still have at least ten months before there would even be a baby. I could learn to cook. 
Are you serious? You just started a business. Where did this baby stuff come from? What if Ryan doesn’t want any babies? But I want babies. Since when? Since today, I think. I was suddenly very sad to think Ryan might not want any babies. Plural? Oh, good grief!
Ryan enjoyed his kabobs and Lebanese bread. I’d bought salad and rice too. See, I could plan a balanced meal, even if I couldn’t cook one. He washed it all down with his beer. The whole time he was eating, he was rattling on about his day and how he liked Darren. 
I usually found his comments interesting and insightful, but today I wasn’t listening. I love kabobs, but I nibbled on them and moved the rice around my plate. My mind was elsewhere. 
“...and that was when the flying saucer landed on the helipad and we all went out, got in, and took a ride to Mars,” I heard when I tuned back in.
“Uh-huh. Wait. What?”
“What’s the matter, honey? You worried about the business thing? You’re going to do great. Don’t worry.”
“Thanks. That’s not it. Umm…we’ve never talked about this. I was sort of wondering…how you feel about…kids.”
“Kids in general or specific kids? You mean other people’s kids, right?” I sure had his attention, but I got the impression he was not a fan of the conversation topic.
“Well, not exactly.” There were about ten seconds of dead silence. I was still staring at my plate, moving the rice around aimlessly, afraid I’d burst into tears if I looked at him.
Ryan reached out and grabbed the sides of the bar stool I was sitting on and spun me around to face him. He took my chin in his hand and tilted my head up. 
“Are you pregnant, Sugar Shack?” The inquiry was quiet and silky and expectant. He certainly didn’t sound angry. So, I took a chance and looked directly into those ocean blue eyes. I’d never seen them sparkle like that. He was definitely not mad.
“No.” It wasn’t much more than a whisper.
“You want to be?” I wasn’t expecting that.
“Umm. Maybe.” 
“What are we thinking here, six, eight?” He was grinning. My heart lifted.
“We should probably start with one and see how that goes.” I was grinning too.
“No point in putting stuff like this off. We should get started right now.” 
Ryan tugged my arm, pulling me off the seat of the stool, and slung me over his shoulder. I giggled as he patted me on the bottom and headed up the stairs. He banged the door shut with his foot and unceremoniously dumped me on the bed. 
“Lots of kids,” he soundly declared.

Author Bio:
Retired federal government employee turned accidental author.


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